Thursday, October 1, 2015

This n That Thursday

Welcome to October!  It's my second favorite month.  Except for the scary stuff.  I don't really do scary stuff, unless it's old movies - which aren't really scary IMO.  Except for the original version of The Fly.  My siblings used to torture me by saying "Help me. Help me." in a tiny, squeaky voice.  :shudder:

On our walk yesterday, we saw a huge black and yellow garden spider.  I'd only ever seen one once before.  This year, I've seen three around here.  It's a banner year for spiders.  And tent worms.  I hate tent worms more than spiders.  :shudder:

You know how sometimes you see someone on TV shoving their gun down the front of their pants?  Yeah, bad idea.  Well, yesterday, I saw a news story of a guy who accidentally shot his own penis.  Darwinism at work.

Still waiting for the bald eagles to arrive. 

I used to have long nails all the time.  Mine grow really fast and I'm not inclined to cut them unless one breaks or they get annoying.  I decided to let them grow again - until one of the two factors came into play.  I'm about at the point of annoyance to whack them all off.  They're pretty and I'm great at opening things right now, but they're making typing interesting.  Problem is, once I cut them, I'll have to get used to typing short-nailed again.  I'll probably wait until after Fertile Ground is finished.  So today or tomorrow.

Finished an awesome book yesterday - Vulcan's Kittens by Cedar Sanderson (no relation).  It's as fun as the title promises.  Not that it's a humorous book.  It's not.  But it's damn good, has an interesting premise, and a unique spin on mythology.  I really needed this book, too.  Just the right break from my own writing to make me feel refreshed.  Yay.

Yesterday when Hubs removed the window AC unit in the garage for winter storage, we found a big brown bat on the window ledge underneath.  Poor baby.  Hubs nudged him off so he wouldn't fly inside, and then I went outside with a box to move Bat Masterson to a safer location for the remainder of the day.  Here's hoping he flew away last night and found better lodgings this morning.

What's on the this n that downlow for you today?


  1. How did I not open this from the RSS feed and answer it? Oh, yeah. I can haz Swiss cheese brain. Yay deadlines.

    Cool temperatures finally arrived so big yay! I have to fix holes in screens before we can open windows to enjoy the fresh air so big boo!

    The Cards clinched the NL Central but now they have to play either Pittsburgh or Cubs (AGAIN!!!) in the playoffs to get to the World Serious. *sigh* S'cool in a way that the three teams with the best records in all baseball all play in the NL Central--which is why the Cards had to win 100 games to clinch. But it makes the play-off system a pain because...hello! Play the Bucs and Cubs ALL. THE. TIME.

    I'm ready for cool weather food. Chicken pot pie. Beef stew. Chili.

    This has been a year for spiders and beetles. We've had a beetle infestation--sort of weird cockroachy things that aren't cockroaches. Ugh.

    I woke up at 5 a.m. and didn't manage to go back to sleep, though I didn't get up. Now I'm seriously dragging @$$ and want a nap but...late. And too lazy to make a new pot of coffee.

    What was the question?

    1. LOL, I think you answered it, Silver. And don't worry about not seeing this first thing. I have swiss cheese brain, too. I used to have a mind like a steel trap. Now, it's a sieve. ;o)

  2. It's getting cool here too although the afternoons have been nice but I don't get to see much of them as I'm at work.

    Still dragging my heels over cutting into some beautiful & expensive fabric. I decided to make a nice floaty top for a wedding on the 16th, spent a lot of money on the fabric but I'm struggling to make the first cut. This will only be my second garment make and I'm ****ing myself in case I make a balls up of it. I can't afford to buy more fabric so I'll have to gird my loins and make the first cut over the weekend. Stand by for a progress report ....

    1. Yay for cooler weather. I hope you get out and see some of it this weekend. OMG, I would be in the same position. Cheap fabric? No problem. Expensive stuff? :shudder: Of course, I haven't made clothing since college when I could only afford the less expensive stuff.

      Can't wait for your progress report!