Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 40

Sorry I'm late, but I didn't sleep much last night and felt like doodle most of the day, so here I am - finally - at quarter to 4 feeling almost human.  Better late than presenting you all with a troll.  Am I right or am I right?

Anyhoo, updates...

I've completed this round of edits through pg 134 of 380.  I wanted to be up to pg 200 by last night, but I felt like doodle - the pre-doodles of the last 18 hours, I guess.  I should still have this to my editor by the 16th. She'll then have it back to me by Halloween, and I'll still be on track for a November 24th release day.  Unless, you know, something comes up that derails everything.  Always prepared for that to happen, doncha know?

In other news, I believe I have a new cover artist for the Djinn series.  Gah, I really need to find a catchy name for the series.  "Jo's Genies" "Mayweather Djinn" "The Djinn Liberation Network" (That last one was from the first incarnation of this book when I emphasized more on the network.  :shrug:)  Anyway, if any of you can come up with a series title I like, I'll shoot you a $10 Amazon gift card. 

Back to the artist.  She's a pretty cool gal who's done beautiful paranormal covers and she's willing to re-do WIOH along with doing the others so I have continuity across the series.  And she won't cost me the farm, if ya know what I mean.  I hope to have something next month that I can show you.

Because you're faithful followers of this blog and most likely my other blogs, I'll let you in on a little secret.  Dying Embers will be going on sale Wednesday.  It's a Kindle Countdown Deal that'll run through Saturday - for both Amazon and Amazon UK.  I'm hoping to have some news to go along with the sale, but since I have to sorta schedule these puppies in advance, I'll just have to hope I get the news I want, and if I don't, then the world still gets an awesome deal.  Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your exes (because they should all be on their toes after reading this book :wink:).

Okay, well, I've got books on the brain, so that's all I can think to update you all on.  You got anything for me?


  1. I see your doodles and raise your a diddlysquat.

    The Djinnocide Chronicles.

    Yay for finding a compatible cover artist. They are a true treasure.

    Crossing fingers the news you're waiting on is good.

    I'm slogging through the end of THE DEVIL'S CUT. Loose threads that need to tie up loose ends and all that. Fighting some diddly-doodles and resorting to comfort rereads to hide. I shouldn't. It's giving in to the D beast but there ya go. Weekend sports was a 1 out of 3 event. Ah well. And I guess this means I should get over to my blog and do my update for tomorrow, huh? Yeah, yeah. I'll get right on that. As soon as I read another chapter....

    Is Mercury in retrograde or some such cosmic sh--er--stuff like that there?

  2. I really like "The Djinnocide Chronicles" - or maybe just "Djinnocide:1".

    Hooray for finding a good cover artist! I can't wait to see the new artwork.

    Dying Embers is a great novel! I hope the sale goes well, and I'm looking forward to your news.

    I'm just getting over the doodles. But I seem to be back on track. Starting chapter 14 of 4C tonight. Time to get busy. :-)

  3. I've been thinking hard for a couple of days now and can't come up with anything the beat the Djinnocide Chronicles - drat!