Thursday, October 8, 2015

This n That Thursday

Kira has formed an unnatural attachment to the secondary water dish out on the sun porch.  This morning I'm having an intervention. The door stays closed until we're ready to go out there. Hence, it's very meowiful in here right now.  She always has her main bowl of water in the kitchen.

Coffee is awesome.

I'm up to chapter three on the edits.  I will have these finished by the deadline or die trying.

I finally got Kira interested in her toys, but then she was sticking to the carpet, so I clipped her claws.  She's forgotten about the water dish for the moment.

Wait. I spoke too soon. She's really turned on the cuteness, too.  Reminds me of when she was a baby and the first week I had her.  She must've been experiencing separation anxiety from her foster home.  That week, she would walk around the house all night, meowing. 

Yesterday on the drive home from Wallyworld, I almost hit a red-tailed hawk.  It swooped up out of the ditch on the right side of the road, right in front of my car. A gasped and took my foot off the gas, which gave the car just enough hesitation to let the hawk pass safely in front of my bumper.  If I'd hit it, I would've been crushed.  I love those birds.

My local bookstore will be closed for 6 weeks while the owner and sole-employee goes on a long vacation.  :gasp:

I don't know if you saw it on FB, but Accidental Death finally came back from the black hole of being entered into the library system here in SW MO.  (Don't know where Dying Embers or Wish in One Hand are.)  I know because I saw it in the newspaper yesterday.  The library has a little blurb every week where she lists the new books.  Mine was there.  Problem was, she spelled my name wrong.  Derp. She left off the ON.  So, I'm now B.E. Sanders around these parts, I guess.  She's the second local person to do that.  Must be an Ozarks thing.

Also yesterday, my WIOH ad for ENT was denied again.  It was not a banner day for book marketing.

I keep thinking it's Sunday.  Every morning this week, I've woken up and thought it was Sunday.  On Sunday, I'll probably think it's Wednesday. 

The yellow-bellied sapsucker has returned for the winter.  Still waiting on the bald eagles.

You got any this n that for me today?


  1. Coffee is the elixir of the gods. Just sayin'....

    If the Cubs beat my Cards, I can live with it and root for them.

    Our weather has been very fall-like but today goes back to 87. AC to the rescue.

    I haven't written in 3 days. I had two long critiques to do and yesterday was a flurry of emails with my HQN editor over title for RDR#3. No decision yet. I have to get back to work.

    Redtails are awesome and a family clan animal. I cry when I see one laying beside the highway. Damn semis.

    I have 4 feral cats. Three black--Big, Middle, Little, and a little grey tiger stripe with a black tail. They're skittish. I put out the leftover dog food when the boys get finicky. I have some stepping stones out in the center island so the food goes there. I've had to add a 4th stone because they all want their own pile. With I could domesticate them. :(

    Okay, okay. I'm going to work. Right after I get another cup of coffee....

  2. Coffee is great but these days I'm decaf.

    Weather is very changeable. At the mo it's sunny & cool, very autumnal and for me, just perfect.

    Going bowling for a friend's birthday on Saturday so decided to make a small lap quilt for her with some bowling fabric I had in my stash. Just got to finish the binding & it's ready. Haven't been bowling in years and I'm hoping my dodgy knee will stand up to the workout.

    Work busy as usual - thank goodness.

    Read 3 books so far this week: Victoria Laurie's Sense of Deception, Christine Feehan's Cat's Lair and Susan Wigg's Starlight on Willow Lake. Just started Bayou Heat 17&18, all good so far.

  3. I would've died if I hit a hawk, too! Good luck on edits. Why does WIOH keep getting denied for the ad?

    As for me, I wrote a Zyan Star Christmas story which I'm entering in a contest, and about to start work again on book two in the Zyan series. Just started working with a trainer for my horse, and a bit stressed about that. Otherwise, all is well :)