Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 39


It's early Sunday.  I'm a half-cup of coffee into the day, and I just lit my second cigarette.  The Hubs is still in bed.  Max is still sleeping.  Kira's out on the sun porch worshipping her secondary water bowl.  Life's good, but I'm dragging butt today.

Wednesday, I received my edit letter and marked up copy of BloodFlow. 

Friday, I finished the first draft of Fertile Ground.

I was supposed to work on BloodFlow yesterday, but I wimped out.  I truly dislike editing.  In fact, I think I'll make a list of things I'd rather do than edit.  Look for that on Tuesday.  I will get to work today.  I have until the 16th to get this back to Awesome Wonderful Editor.  Still shooting for a November 24th release date.

Somewhere in there, I dug up the iris beds and replanted all the irises.  They were getting choked.  I also built a new bed in a corner by the garage because I had so many bulbs I couldn't fit them all in the beds I already had.  There are still at least a dozen bulbs in a bucket on the front porch.  Hubs doesn't want anymore beds, but then again, he said that before I made this new one, so we'll see. 

I've come to the realization that when I built my sales spreadsheets, I wasn't thinking ahead.  Right now, when I check my sales data, I have to open four spreadsheets - one for each book and one for the Master Plan.  It's a pain in the buns now with three books.  The 4th book releases next month.  So, I need one sheet for book data and one for the Master Plan - which has all sorts of pretty graphs.  This will be much easier, but building it and populating it with data will be a bear.  :shrug:  I'll get to it in my spare time.  Or when I'm trying to avoid editing.  ;o)  What I really need to do is built a splash page with buttons linking all the sheets together then I would only have one main spreadsheet open and it would work for all sheets.  Unfortunately, I have forgotten how to do that and relearning it would take more time than I'm willing to put forth. 

I read a really awesome book called Vulcan's Kittens by Cedar Sanderson (no relation).  It really refreshed me - being totally different from my own work and by its awesomeness. 

What's up at your place?


  1. I worked some yesterday after waking up at 5 a.m. and couldn't get back to work. Then I joined the family for lunch, and by the time we got home, I was full of Mexican food and in desperate need of a nap. I didn't get back on the computer.

    Woke up at 5:30 today but slept with the windows open and it was cold. Stayed in bed, gave up at 6:30, so made coffee, had to shut down and reboot my computer, and now I'm procrastinating. If I want this darn book to release by the end of the month, I need to get my @$$ in gear. Cuz, I've got edits coming back in the next few weeks and a book with a hard 11/30 deadline. *headdesk*

    Yeah, another cup of coffee (#3) and then time to get the heck off the internet and to work.That's pretty much my life right now. Coffee, WIPs, and deadlines. *rolls eyes*

  2. I love love LOVE iris! I need to transplant mine to somewhere they'd get better care. But that would be in someone else's garden. Sigh.

    I discovered today that my Goodreads review for Dying Embers lost all its stars. Eek! Fixed now. ***** :-)

    I track which book sells in what channel for each month, but I don't even try to track what they sell for, only a general monthly "writing income" in my accounting program. And the numbers-only spreadsheet is a PITA. I'd love to read a post about your solution, when you find one.

    I'm rather amazed, but I'm still on track with 4C, word-wise. If I can keep to this pace, the first draft will be done in six weeks. (How do I make an emoji with big, startled eyes?)

    Forget the coffee. It takes tea. Lots and lots of tea. (And lots of potty breaks. ;-) )