Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunday Update - Week Whatever

Weary.  That's the word for it. 

Sorry I'm late with the Update, but it's been a day and it's only 8am.  I even slept in - according to the time change.  I got up at 7:15... then I changed the clocks, so it was only 6:15 - which kind of crapped out my morning win. 

I'm having a tough time focusing on the positives today, can ya tell?  So, here's the Negative Nelly version of Sunday Update...

I didn't finish my read-through of Fertile Ground.  I'm 50% thru and it's a hot mess.  This sucker is going to take sooo much work to make it publishable that I'll probably wimp out and leave this until the May launch.  Good thing In Deep Wish doesn't need as much work, so I'll have something to put out in March. Whether anyone will want to buy it?  :shrug:

I did a sale for Wish in One Hand.  :crickets:  October blew chunks for sales.

I got my edits yesterday afternoon.  I read the edit letter, gnashed my teeth, and set it all aside.  Definitely not in the brain space to deal. 

Max has taken a nosedive.  Oh, he's been in good spirits.  Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Playing with his toys.  Purring.  But he won't eat.  Each day since last Monday has been worse then the one before. And every day he doesn't eat well means he gets less perky and playful. I assume that the antibiotics are making everything taste gross.  (That happened with my Mom earlier this year.)  Nothing I offer him goads him to eat.  Until this morning when I pulled the last trick out of my bag and offered him canned roast beef.  He gobbled that up.  Let's see if it's still appetizing this afternoon.  And yes, I know that stuff is full of things that aren't necessarily good for cats to eat but when you're staring down the barrel of the choice between euthanasia and giving him food that might be bad for him, you choose the food.  I'd fix him canned sardines and ice cream if I thought he'd eat it.

And that's why I'm not in the brain space to deal with edits.  Or re-reads.  Or housework.  Or reading other people's books.  Or being Positive Polly.  My brain space is full.  And I am weary.

No worries.  This too shall pass.  And I will get my second wind.  Today, though, ain't looking good.  I think I need to go into the forest and chop wood.

What's the update from your space?


  1. My thoughts are flying at you and Max with mega hugs, B.E. - I know exactly what head-space you're in right now, and it's not a good one. And never apologize for your state of mind...nothing you said is negative - it simply is! Damn, I need a Kleenex.

    Take care <3

  2. Pets are people, too. They're members of our families so yeah.... My heart goes out to you and Max and sending good thoughts that he'll perk up and get better! You feed him whatever he'll eat.

    Sales were down in October. My KENP numbers were down almost 60%. Ouch. Actual sales were down a little so another ouch. It's the nature of the beast. Here's hoping November is better. I got THE DEVIL'S CUT out. Now time to get it and DOUBLE CROSS formatted for print. Yippee. Not! I also have a hard deadline of Nov. 30 on RDR#4. Good thing it's NaNoWriMo.

    Hang in there. Go chop down a tree or simply walk in the woods. I keep hiding in comfort reads--books I've read numerous times despite all the good books that just came out and hit my Kindle.

    And FYI? I FRICKING HATE DST!!!!!!!!! Doesn't matter which direction it totally effs up my system. So...yeah. There's that too. Hang in there and big hugs to you and yours!

  3. Hugs on the editing problems.

    Many, MANY hugs to you and Max! I hope he pulls out of it, and soon.

    I'm still plugging away on 4C, but I'm tired of it. Need to get the nose back on the grindstone. Instead I updated the cover for Feda's Anchor. I'm much happier with it! Now I need to stop tinkering with it and get it up and running.

    Someone dropped off a cat (we're out in the boonies) and said cat is trying to adopt me. I have been feeding it - in the neighbor's carport (I don't have one), but now he wants to come home with me. Churchill is enough cat for me. I don't want an neutered male inside my house, and I can't afford the vet bills to get him de-flea-ed and vaccinated. But I feel guilty every time I close the door on his nose. Sigh.

  4. I look forward to your Max posts. I'm sorry to hear today's update isn't a good one. Poor little guy. I really hope he can lick this. He's had such a rough time.

    I wish I could offer some ideas for food, but it sounds like you've tried them all.

  5. Sorry to hear all your troubles. You should definitely chop wood if it'll make you feel better. I also hate time changes, I hate that it's dark at 4 in the afternoon and the way the world closes in on you. I've always wondered why they do it.

    Sending you warmest good thoughts.

  6. Thanks, Everyone. Update on Max - he wouldn't eat the roast beef today, but Vienna sausages worked and when he finished two of those, he ate roast beef and roast chicken.