Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Update - Week 48

Wow, sorry about totally forgetting Week 47.  And now I've forgotten what happened in that week, so let's just move on.

Last week, BloodFlow officially launched.  Oh yeah! That's what I did in Week 47! I finished BloodFlow and set it up for pre-order.  Whew, that was a week, so I'm not surprised I forgot about it.

I also put Wish in One Hand down to the low-low price of 99 cents across the board and made it available to Nook, Kobo, and Apple users as well as Amazon people.  It is, unfortunately, no longer available in the Kindle Unlimited program.  It wasn't doing too well there anyway, so I thought I'd give the other distributors a shot.  Time will tell if this was a wise move.  But it will be there and at 99 cents through the end of the year at least.  Get it while the getting is good.

I did some stuff in the woods.

I haven't read much of anything lately.  Think of it as a slump.  My new Kindle Fire arrived and I'm not used to it yet, so that might be part of the slump.  Who knows.

I've sent all the suggestions off to the cover artist for In Deep Wish.  She's working on it.  I, however, have hit a slump editing the damn book. I'm at about 20K and need to have it ready to send to the editor by the end of this coming week.  We'll see how THAT works out.  I've found it's hard to get the sequel ready for publication when the Book One isn't selling all that well.  Still, I have promised a few die hard readers that the book will be out sometime in March, so I'd better get my buns in gear.  I don't want to disappoint my supporters.

To that end, I've had a couple people threatening me with bodily harm if I don't get the next SCIU book out soon.  May.  Or June.  Depends on fundage and gumption.  The more books I sell, the better for all concerned.

Michigan lost to the Yuckeyes.  I haz a sad.

Other than that, life is a blur.  How are things in your world?


  1. I'm behind. No power for almost all of yesterday. I feelz your football pain. :(

    I put some of my books on sale and THE DEVIL'S CUT goes on a Kindle Countdown tomorrow. My sales are still flat. November has sucked.

    I may not make my deadline tomorrow--see above about no power. And being weird about having 200 emails and 50 articles in my RSS feed and...

    So I need to get off the internet, get more coffee, and write. My editor may get a rough draft, but dang it, I've never missed a deadline with him! So... Bye! ;)

    1. OMG, I worried whether you'd lost power. So glad you're back with the electrified again. :hugs: Yes, I guessed we would be feeling the football pain together.

      Not sure what the dealybob is with the sales slump. I finally remembered to post my Goodreads reviews of some of your books to Amazon. If I missed any, let me know.

      Missing deadline because of nature surely should give you a little bit of a pass. Eww, 200 emails? Ugh. I get twitchy when I have twenty.

      Hope you got some progress today. :hugs:

  2. Hooray for BloodFlow! I hope it sells well, and soon!

    Keep working on In Deep Wish. Series always sell better after two or three are out - or so I'm told. *I'm* counting on it. :-)

    I released Sorcery's Child yesterday - thank you so much for your support! Illusion's Child has four sales and several KU reads, so I'm happy, considering I'm barely promoting it.

    I've been on a reading binge, but I'm pulling out of an "I hate my writing" streak, so hopefully I'll get moving on Dragon's Child. Only five chapters to go. Then I can work on edits on Serpent's Child. I want to get it out around Christmas. Eek! I wrote down a goal. I'm doomed. ;-)

    1. Thanks, Deb!

      LOL, no worries. I'm still hanging in there. No quitting!

      You're welcome! My pleasure. Yay for sales and KU reads!

      Ugh, I've been in a reading slump. Get to work, you. You can do it!