Thursday, November 12, 2015

This n That Thursday

I wrote this big, long craptastic This n That, but I decided to delete it.  Who needs that kind of negativity in their feed?  Sure, the world has pretty much gone crazypants, but you already know that.  Let's talk about random stuff instead.

As I write this on Wednesday night, we're having a wind storm.  Here's hoping it clears the leaves off the roof so Hubs doesn't have to.

Male box turtles have a concave bottom shell to make breeding easier.  Basically, so they don't slide off.

I still haven't seen a bald eagle, but the bird I'm thinking is a peregrine falcon flew over the house today so Hubs got a look at it, too.  I'm not seeing things!  Darkish gray back, white underside, falcon shape. We're still referring to the bird as SHOW YOURSELF!, though, until we both get a good enough look to say with near certainty what it is.

We call the bird SHOW YOURSELF! because it likes to call all over the forest, but it never stops anywhere where we can get a good look at it. So when we hear it calling, we yell 'show yourself'.  We also refer to the red-bellied woodpeckers as 'Buddy' and the pileated woodpeckers as 'Wild Thing'. Oh, and the fox squirrels are all members of the BOOM family - after the first HUGE one we saw when we moved here that I named Boom-boom.

I have a single rose getting ready to bloom.  Silly bush.  Didn't bloom at all earlier this year. Now, when it's getting cold?  Bloop!  I'll try to remember to take a pic.

Speaking of pics, Elias stopped by the yard today and I got a couple nice shots of him.  The deer have been scarce for about 8 weeks now.  And silly buck shows up 4 days before deer season begins.  I told him he needs to stick around and eat a lot, then disappear for a couple weeks.  I hope he listens.

The time change is still kicking my ass.  I can't keep my eyes open past 9pm, and I can't keep them closed after 5am.  I'm still getting 8 hrs, but not when I want to. 

Anything on the this-n-that meter for you today?


  1. I thought I was the only one being affected by the time change. Thank goodness I'm not alone. It really throws my system out of whack for a while.

    We have Red Kites in this part of England and they are majestic birds when seen in flight. When I lived in Peru we visited a resort in the south and were lucky enough to get pretty close to a Peregrine. He'd been hurt and was being cared for by a local, and wow are they magnificent.

    Oh and major sewing achievement this week. A friend gave me a skirt with a totally busted zip (I mean snarled up to hell & back) and asked me if I could fix it. I hadn't got a clue, never done it before but I'd taken a zips class in July so figured I'd have go. The unpicking was a bitch and working out how to get a new one in wasn't much better, but I did it. It's not brilliant but it's in and she can use the skirt again. How good am I?

    As you can see I'm taking a "give it a go" mindset with my sewing now. Just because I haven't done it before doesn't mean I can't do it.

    Youngest son started first job on Monday - bless! So pleased for him, though poor baby is a bit pooped taking it all in.

    Think that's all from this side of the pond, for now that is..

  2. Is it possible you're seeing a Kite? We get them a lot and I'll look up and think, "Falcon!" and then realize nope. We get more hawks than falcons but a few hang around this area.

    I hate the time change with eye-stabby hatey McHatred! I wish they'd just leave things alone. Nature, people!

    Finally got an email from the HQ editor. I'd been sort of slacking on that WIP because he said he had questions and suggestions on the proposal, despite a 11/30 deadline. Yeah, that email had four sentences. He loves it, wanted to clarify a point in the synopsis, and said it's his favorite so far. *headdesk* So now it's time to knuckle down and double up on my word count. Fun and games!

    And what am I doing? Checking my blog RSS feed and commenting. LOLOL

    It's cold here. But the wind stopped. We had massive wild fires yesterday. Glad the front is past and things are back to normal. It's 62 in the house and I suppose I should break down and turn on the heat. Problem is, I'm sitting here in shirt sleeves--long, but no jacket/hoodie, and I'm perfectly comfortable.

    Okay. enough procrastinating. Off to work. In a minute...