Friday, June 25, 2010

Weekly Update

Is it already a week later?  Sheesh.  Where did those days go?  No, seriously.  I have no idea what I did since last Friday.  According to the old spreadsheet, I wrote just over 10K words.  I read a book or two.  I took the kid out for some teen driving time.

I'm this close (picture me holding my finger and thumb about a half-inch apart) to finishing DLN's second first draft.  It bears little resemblance to the first version - well, except for the genies, the MC, her dog and a couple of her friends.  (Yes, Natalie, I kept Zeke.)  Jo - the MC - is still gritty, but she's got more about her to make her sympathetic to a wider range of readers.  Oh, and there are more bodies.

Last Friday, I finished the latest Sentinel book by Shannon Butcher (Why do my fingers always want to type 'Bitcher'?) and it was probably her best yet.  I also read the second Bullet Catchers novel by Roxanne St. Claire.  I could kick myself for not finding these books years ago and reading them in order.  Sheesh.  Right now, every book I read seems to be in some series or another.  Is it just me or are stand alone books going the way of the dinosaur?

As for Daughter - which is where I suspect the rest of my week went - we're still racking up student driver miles.  This week, we used some of that time to pick up job applications.  That's right... my baby is applying for her first job.  :sniffle:  This morning she even has her first job interview with an acquaintance of mine.  She'll be trying to snag an internship type position in a property management office.  Because in this economy, she has a better shot finding a non-paying job to gain experience than she does finding a paying job to gain mullah.  And personally I'd rather have her getting the experience than the $7.24/hr to bag groceries*.  Of course, bagging groceries isn't her only paying option.  She'll be putting her app in at a florist nearby, too.  If she can get the internship and the paying job, hurray!

And that's my life in a nutshell this past week.  What better place for a nut, right?  How are things in your universe?

*$7.24 to bag groceries???  They're kidding right?  I didn't make that much per hour until I was like... god, I think I was 28 years old before I crossed the $7/hr barrier.  :shudder:

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  1. Yay Zeke!

    And uhm... $7.24 is nothin'. When I read that, I thought you were going to go the opposite route and say it was too low... Up here, you can work at McDonalds for $12 STARTING.