Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bad Weather, Bad Bugs, and Bad Critters

Last night we got a humdinger of a storm.  Golfball sized hail and a half inch of rain with tornadic activity just to the southeast of us.  And people wonder why I call this Kansas-lite.  (Pics to come later.)  Needless to say Daughter spent some quality time in the basement with Kira cat.  Husband and I spent our quality time between watching the skies and watching the radar.  (BTW, if you haven't gotten any of the apps from The Weather Channel, I'd highly recommend them.  The one for Firefox puts weather alerts at the bottom of my browser.)  We also spent some time outside under the overhang.  Which is when I got hit with a ice ball right behind my knee and right in the place where the spider bit me.

Yep.  I got bit by a spider.  First time in my life as far as I know.  I didn't see it, but from all the research I did online, it was probably a jumping spider.  Since we have brown recluse around here and black widows, I spent a lot of time making sure it wasn't either of those.  Not fatal, but certainly not comfortable either.  If you're bothered by gross stuff, skip the next few sentences.  The bite started out like a mosquito bite that itched and burned.  Then it got a tiny blister in the center (which is why I researched it so hard).  For about a day, it looked like I had a zit back there.  The blister went away but now I have a quarter sized red splotch that still itches.  Following online advice, I'm applying Neosporin alternately with  hydrocortizone.  As long as it doesn't get infected, I'm fine. (Not that the hailstone hit did it any good.  Of all the places to get hit, why there?)

As for bad critters, a friend of mine posted a snippet of her work online recently.  Personally, I thought it was pretty good.  I mean, she said it was a rough first of her first attempt at writing a novel.  Even given that, it was pretty good.  This morning I went to her site to find that she'd removed the snippet because some numbnuts was making rude comments about her work.  I'm at a loss to understand why people do this.  Is it just that their lives are so empty that they have nothing better to do?  Or is it that their lives are so full of pain, they can't help but spread their misery to others?  :shrug:  I mean, I could see someone coming along and tearing her up if she said she wanted hard crits of her work, but she didn't.  All she was doing was posting something she hoped her blog readers would enjoy. 

And that's part of the reason I monitor my comments section.  Yeah, it probably stops some good people from commenting - which is too bad - but it keeps the trolls off my blog and my back.  When a nasty comment comes, I glance at it and delete it.  It never makes it where anyone else can see it.  (Doesn't mean that sludge doesn't hurt, but at least it's gone forever.)

You turn.  Anything you want to talk about?  Anything the good blog readers want to say?  (Because at this blog, it's NO TROLLS ALLOWED.)  Feel free to vent a little in the comments. 


  1. lol I should make a sign that says NO TROLLS ALLOWED and have it on my blog ;)

  2. I love the no trolls allowed. I'm always nervous about posting my work online, so I only rarely do it on writing forums, where there's a true purpose for critiquing it.
    I've made a decision long ago not to use my blog for that.

    I feel bad for your friend, though. That hurts.

    And I hope your spider bite goes away soon!

  3. Sorry about your friend's critique. That's never easy. I think it's really important to select a few trusted readers whose opinion and style you value. And hope your spider bite heals well!

  4. I had a spider bite on my inner thigh once.

    Worst. spot. ever.