Sunday, June 27, 2010

THE END is near

No, that's not some kind of prediction of the zombie apocalypse.  It's just my way of saying I wrote the climax last night.  All that's left is the denouement and I can put this puppy in the 'finished' column. 

I'd tell you which book this is in the scheme of my work, but truth be told, I've lost count.  Let's just say I've written a lot of books since late January of '04.  And this one doesn't even really count as a 'new book', since I wrote this one already and this is the total rewrite.

You know, I've been to other blogs where the writer can guesstimate his total word count.  Ugh.  Mine's got to be in the millions by now.  Right?

:shrug:  Not that it matters.  I'll just keep writing and keep writing and maybe someday someone will want to buy something.  Anyway, enough about that...

It's definitely a good thing. And it means I should have this draft done sometime today or at the latest tomorrow. Yay me.

And then will begin the process of tidying up this manuscript so I can start querying again.  Wish me luck.

(BTW, I'll be posting another request for people to beta read this, so if you're interested, feel free to email me via the link in my profile - or comment here and I'll contact you.  I'm hoping to be ready by the end of July.)

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