Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekly Update

Last night we had one humdinger of a storm with sirens going off all around.  No tornadoes spotted here, thank goodness, but that one in Arapahoe County made the national news--even Mom saw it.  (And do you think I could find a frickin' picture of it online?  No.  That's of a different one in the same county 2 years ago.)

In other news, Daughter will be taking the ACT tomorrow.  Finally.  Every spare moment these past few weeks has been spent with her on my computer - pouring over trigonometry lessons and sample tests and science stuff.  It'll be nice to have my computer back between 9am and 5pm Mon-Fri.  Maybe now I can get some extra work done and get this draft finished by the end of June.  Wouldn't that be loverly?

Which brings me around to the word count for the week.  I did just under 10K since last Friday.  Not burning up the keyboard, but the words I wrote were good ones.  I have Jo and the gang in hot water, things are getting more tense and they're all wondering where the next blow is going to come from.  Teehee.  I'm so mean to my characters, but I love them.

How are things in your world?


  1. I'm still trying to decide what to revise. It's driving me nuts.

    In Omaha, we had a storm yesterday that made the sky so dark, it was like 9PM in the middle of the day. No twisters, thank goodness!

    And I hope the ACT goes well for you daughter!

  2. I hope she does well tomorrow!!!

    Not much going on here. I have to clean the house today and tomorrow for the BBQ we're having on Sunday. I wish I didn't have to vacuum (it hurts my wrists SO bad), but you never know with our weather, so we have to clean up just in case the BBQ turns into a dinner inside... *sighs*

  3. Good luck to your daughter as she sits her test!

    Yikes on the tornado - glad that there were none sited near you. How long does tornado season last? When the sirens go off, do you all head for the basement until an all-clear has sounded? Sorry, don't know anything about tornado except the destruction I see on the news.

    Got two blogposts written last night - whew! Working on re-reading my medieval to see what I can do to salvage it (or make the decision to shelve it for a while).

    Sounds like you're giving your characters quite a workout! Good job on the word count and upping the tension, B.E. :)