Monday, June 28, 2010

4 Authors

This morning the gals at BookEnds posted something fun and I wanted to play along.  The idea is to post four authors - dead or alive - you'd want to have lunch with.  So here goes...

Ayn Rand - because I think she'd have the most interesting stories to tell about her life in Russia, her time in Hollywood (I'd love to hear the story of how she met Cecil B. DeMille in her own words), and the early days of 20th century publishing.  I've seen several interviews she did and even with the thick accent, she was a very eloquent woman.  Of course, I'd probably spend the whole lunch drooling on myself and feeling inadequate.

Robert Louis Stevenson - beyond his novels and his poetry - which are brilliant in themselves - I think RLS was probably a man out of time.  His ideas were so far ahead of the era he was in, I'm surprised he got anything published.  I mean seriously, how could lunch with the guy who wrote this poem not be interesting?

Jim Butcher - because, let's face it, I want his career.  That and I think he'd be a hoot to hang out with.  (Or maybe I'm just assuming he'd be a lot like Harry Dresden - minus the magic.)  And then if we had lunch and became friends, he could introduce me to his wife.  In my fantasy-land, the three of us could sit up all night bouncing story ideas off each other, or just hanging out talking sports and music and movies. 

Seanan McGuire - I didn't even know this chick existed a year ago.  Now she's one of my favorite writers.  She inspires me.  We'd have lunch, talk cats and crazy things.  We'd laugh about the pretentious guy at the next table and secretly wish for the waiter to spill water in his lap. 

If you could have lunch with any four authors, who would they be?

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  1. Okay, my list is weird and is only a few of many, many authors, but...
    1.. Jumpha Lahiri
    2. JK Rowling
    3. Libba Bray
    4. Margaret Atwood

    Okay, I already regret this list. There are so many more!