Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Picture Pause

I took this on my morning walk.  Did I mention how much I love my new camera?  I never would've gotten this with my old camera - the zoom was too weak.

These guys were swimming around until they noticed me taking pictures. I guess they were ready for their closeup. ;o)

So far, I'm getting the hang of this new toy for nature shots. I'm still working on building my skills in other areas. Maybe tomorrow I'll show you a couple manmade things.


  1. I'm so envious of your good camera. I really need to get a new one before the baby is born. My current is sub-par, for sure, and usually everything comes out looking really flat and blurry. Especially wildlife -- and sometimes even people.

  2. Those are fabulous pics, B.E. I love the ducks - they really do look like they're posing! And that rose - is that in your garden? Beautiful.

  3. These are lovely shots! My camera is getting all squonky (Okay, I totally stole that from you, but I love this word! I'm gonna use it all the time now!)