Sunday, June 13, 2010

This n That

Well, the ACT is over and she's confident she did okay.  We'll know for sure in 6-8 weeks.  For my part, I drove an hour to the test, dropped her off, and screwed around for almost 4 hours while she slaved over the test papers. 

During that time, I did manage to get a new haircut.  Not usually a big deal in the scheme of things, but I haven't gotten my hair cut since March of '09.  Plus, it looks pretty good.  (If you only knew how many bad haircuts I've had over the last decade, you'd know why that's a big deal and why it's been that long since the last one.)  Anyway, the gal at the Walmart who cut my hair was awesome.  With my luck, she won't be there the next time I need a haircut.  (Like the gal in Utah who did an awesome job with my hair and then moved out of state.  Which was the last time I got a decent cut.)  I'll post a pic when I have one.

Another big weee thing I did was shop.  Too bad the town really only has a Walmart to shop around in.  I picked up some necessaries - you know, like coffee and paper plates - and some unnecessaries - like the newest Rick Riordan hardcover and a CD by a band I've only ever seen on VH1's Jump Start.

In other unrelated news, mid-week last week, I also got my book order in from Amazon.  I got the new Lynn Viehl Kyndred novel Dreamveil, the next Sentinel novel by Shannon Butcher, the second Bullet Catcher by Roxanne St. Claire, the second Cal Leandros novel by Rob Thurman, and something by an author I've never tried. That one is The Battle Sylph by LJ McDonald. 

Beyond that, yesterday was a day of battling rain, driving and waiting.  I had planned to spend the morning walking through the newly revamped downtown, but the rain shot that in the butt.  So, I sat in my car writing notes for the next scenes of DLN, listening to my new CD (One Republic), and just generally chilling out.  Today I'm drained, my back hurts and I can't seem to work up the energy to write.  We'll see what later brings.

What do you do when you've got time to kill in a different town, but it's pouring rain and there isn't a mall in sight? 

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