Sunday, June 6, 2010

Random Things

Yesterday three teenage boys were slouching their way down the sidewalk when one of them says: "I can say anything I want.  It's a free country."  I wonder if he understands what living in a free country means, or if he just thinks it gives him the right to be an slug.  Of course, this came the day after we we watched the National Spelling Bee - ten bright kids with brighter futures.  By comparison those teenage boys were just sad.

It finally rained here.  I think the last time we saw moisture from the sky was at the beginning of May.  No wonder my grass seed won't grow.  (And yes, I've been watering, but I can only do so much without nature doing its job.)  I haven't checked the rain gauge yet, but I'm going to guess 2/10ths of an inch*.

In keeping with the old superstition about famous people dying in threes...  Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper and Rue McClanahan all died recently.  With the passing of Art Linkletter and coach John Wooden, the next group of three has already started.  As maudlin as it sounds, anyone want to take a guess at who the third from this next group is going to be?  (Yes, I'm awful, but it's not like I'm hoping someone dies.  I'm just taking guesses about it.  Think of this as a mini-Dead Pool - without the psycho serial killer.)

Anyway, I still watch reruns of The Golden Girls - almost every morning.  If you didn't recognize the name, Rue McClanahan played Blanche on that show.  She wasn't my favorite character, but I still enjoyed her work.  My favorite character was actually Sophia.  If you watched the show, which one was your favorite?

Yesterday I was awakened at 4:52am by the sound of a cat fight.  Sure enough I slipped outside to find Jay - my long-haired black stray - and Tom - the orange tiger stray who looks like Morris - fighting over the pretty little calico that lives one block over.  She took off, but the two boys stood in the alley looking put out that I interrupted their testosterone games.  (For what it's worth, I think Jay won.  Most of the fur tufts were orange.)  Jay came back later, inhaled some kibble and flopped in the shade.  Tom slunk by in the early evening.  So both are okay.  In fact, I was just outside and Jay came up for his breakfast.  (He never gets too close.  He's feral.)

As a result of said early and rude awakening, I didn't get a damn thing done yesterday.  Well, other than finishing Academ's Fury.  

When a penny is left in a pocket and it doesn't come out in the washer, it makes a hideous screeching noise when it gets stuck in the dryer.  Lucky me, Husband pulled it out before I went insane.

Any random things you'd like to add?

(Public Service Message...  If you haven't already heard this a million times, get your pets spayed or neutered so their unwanted babies don't end up as strays - starving, getting hit by cars, or dying in some other horrible way.)

*Yep.  2/10ths of an inch.  Am I psychic?  No, it's just the amount we usually get.


  1. Lol I think it's funny how males are the same no matter what species *rolls eyes*

    Wow, you haven't gotten a lot of rain at all! We have (ugh). It seems every day we have to stay inside because it decides to rain (and by rain, I mean pour). We have 5 huge fifty-five gallon containers outside that are overflowing from the amount of water we're getting.

  2. It always amazes me - the youth of today slouching around, bored and disenchanted with the world. I often wonder what kind of adults they will become.

    Raining here - all weekend. Like you, we really, really needed it. Last month we were half our average rainfall amount! Very dry.

    Loved Golden Girls. My favorite was Betty White's character, Rose.

    Our dog is spayed - totally agree with you on controlling the animal population. Breaks my heart when I see kittens and puppies being dumped (some at shelters, others, sadly, not) just because.

    No randomness from me - too early in the morning and haven't had my second cup of coffee :)

  3. I love how young kids these days (oh my, I sound like an old lady with a cane, ready to smack the youth of America!) say things and may not deeply understand what they're saying.

    I 120% agree with neuter and spaying of pets. It's very important!

  4. It's funny how random moments make up our day...

    I just got another depressing bit of news from my mother. More stuff that could have been fixed before it was broken.

    Neighbors are fighting again next door. I can hear their cat fight a little too well. Men!

    Napoli, my male B&W tuxedo cat just pushed in the screen to get to a ground squirrel outside. He didn't get Mr. Ground Squirrel! My husband is happy for that, but not for the screen. We both agree it was funny none the less.

    The fish tank needs more water. I think I need to go to the bathroom now...

    And I so agree. Like Bob Barker says. 'Get your pets spayed or neutered!'