Wednesday, June 2, 2010

See Saturn, Mars and Venus

Tonight and for the next several weeks, people in the northern hemisphere are going to be treated to three bright 'stars' in the western night sky.  I'm talking about the planets Venus, Mars and Saturn.  (Mercury and Jupiter should be visible in the eastern sky early in the morning.  Mercury about a half hour before sunrise and Jupiter around 3am - if you're awake and feel like stargazing.) 

Right now, I can see Venus.  It looks like the first star in the sky off to the west, but it doesn't twinkle.  (And if it doesn't twinkle, don't wish on it.)  I'll head out in a little while to try and catch Mars - up and to the left of Venus - and Saturn - up and to the left of Mars. 

Enjoy your stargazing and I'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Ooh, thanks for the 'heads-up' on this, B.E. I love star-gazing when I'm out with the dog just before bed. I'll definitely have a gander tonight - if the clouds move off (they're supposed to, fingers crossed).

  2. My husband and I are hoping to go to our favorite dark zone this weekend to stargaze and do some astrophotography, but I think it is going to rain out this way. ;-(

    Cool heads up. Aside from me, you are the only person I have yet to meet in blog land who writes and appreciates stargazing. Glad we are following one another.

    Check out my first entry and you will see some of my husbands astro shutter bugging.