Friday, January 22, 2010

Weekly Update

Since last Friday, I got 6800 words rewritten and rolled over the 30K mark.  Not great, but it's progress.  What'll probably happen is I'll drag my feet and then at the end of this next week, I'll realize I meant to have this draft finished by the end of January.  Much rapid typing will ensue.  I'll burn up the keyboard and my hair will catch fire. 

But I'll finish this draft. 

I'll probably be a crispy critter when I'm done, so if you smell smoke, don't call the fire department.  It's just me.

In other news, I've completed at 3/4 of the squares for my baby-blanket.  Now I just have the rest of the multi-colored ones to do and then I have to sew 81 little squares together.  Weee. 

All in all it's been a slow week here.  How are things where you are?


  1. How can you tell us you've typed all those words and completed 3/4 of the squares and then say it's been a quiet week? It sounds very productive to me :)

  2. I agree with Debs. Sounds like a productive week to me!!!

    Everything here is okay... except linguistics is kicking my butt. I might have to drop it since it was supposed to be an elective and you know... FUN. Instead it's turning out to be my worst class this semester.

  3. It's all subjective. I just feel like I could've done more if I'd just pushed.