Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Procrastination... Pro-crass-tin-na-a-tion...

Sing it with me.  (Okay, so the song's supposed to be about Anticipation, but it works for me.)

It's Tuesday.  I wasted Monday entirely.  I spent it putting off 'til tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow is here and yesterday's work is stacked on top of the stuff I have to get done today.  And what am I doing? Writing a blog post about procrastination.  (Which my fingers keep wanting to spell procrastinication... stupid fingers.)

Last night I crocheted and watched TV, thinking all the while that I could write today.  Except Sunday night I said I could write Monday.  I didn't but the thought was there.

This morning, I have a kitchen and three bathrooms to clean...  I looked at the kitchen while I filled my coffee, but I didn't touch anything.  Instead I balanced my checkbook and checked to see if the deposit what was supposed to be in there last night was there.  (It wasn't - which is when I remembered the bank was closed yesterday... stupid national holiday.)

I know, I know.  This was supposed to be a more positive week of posts.  This is positive.  I'm positive I'm a procrastinator.

You know, there ought to be a twelve step program... "Hello, my name is B.E. and I procrastinate."  And if I stop procrastinating, someone could give me a pin that says something like "It's been a month since I put things off."

Not that I could achieve a pin like that.  I'm the kind of person who would put off the end of procrastination.

And since I've procrastinated enough already today, I'll end this post.  The cleaning schedule is calling...

What have you been putting off lately?


  1. I've been putting off working on my new novel and really need to get a move on.

  2. Ah you stole all these thoughts right out of my head.

    Procrastinication has invaded my house too.

    The BRAVO channel is my enemy.