Wednesday, January 13, 2010

News Around the Blogosphere

For lack of anything better to post today - and because between typing and crocheting yesterday, my hands are toast - here are a few things I've noticed around the blogosphere...

If you didn't catch the news last week, Jacky Sachs is leaving BookEnds Literary Agency to follow other pursuits.  I wish Ms. Sachs the best in her future endeavors.

Romancing the Blog is going on hiatus.  They hope to be back mid-year.  I hope they are, too.  I may not comment there often, but I enjoy reading their posts every day.

After three and a half years, The Good Girls Kill for Money Club is closing up shop.  They were my first and only invitation to guest blog, and even though my comment frequency has fallen off lately, I'll miss hanging out with the Girls.

Murder She Writes is changing things up a bit.  They lost Natalie R. Collins and Deborah LeBlanc from the original MSW gals and Heather Graham from the newer gals.  I hope the three ladies continue to see success in their writing and their lives.  While those three are gone, MSW has gained Lori Armstrong, Sophie Littlefield and Laura Griffin. Welcome to the MSW crew, ladies.

Literary Agent Nathan Bransford got a makeover for his blog to start the new year.  Pretty snazzy, but the new look is still freaking me out. 

Have you noticed anything new around the blogosphere that you'd like to share?



  1. Can't say as I have, which is surprising considering how much time I spend goofing off online.

  2. I haven't either, but then again I can be a little switched off. Going to look at Nathan B's blog now.