Friday, January 15, 2010

Weekly Update

Thanks to all the well-wishers yesterday.  I think it was something I ate for lunch on Wednesday, so I was almost back to normal within 24 hours.  I was feeling so good by yesterday afternoon, though, that I went and did something that in hindsight seems unwise.  I rearranged both my office/dining room and my library.  Now, even though my stomach is better, I'm feeling the twinge of under-used and now-abused muscles.  Of course, I'm only 2/3rds of the way done, so sore or not, I'm finishing it today.

In other news...

After a rousing start to the week - during which I got 5300 words out - I fell apart.  I think I figured out why I'm cleaning and rearranging instead of writing, though.  Check out this post by Rosemary over GenReality.  My subconscious did an end-around on me, and even though I thought I was escaping the edits, I was really editing my house.  As I said in the comments, 'Silly me'.

On the upside, my house is looking tidy.  I don't know the square footage of this place, but with 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, this is the largest place I've ever lived.  Cleaning this sucker is a never-ending battle.  (Probably why I've been such a slug about doing it.)

In other other news, my store audit is nearly complete.  All I have left to do is re-list about a hundred books that somehow fell out of Amazon's listings.  :shrug:  Sometimes working with Amazon is a pain, but I don't really have a choice about where I sell my stuff.  (Amazon is the only online bookseller I've found that doesn't charge fees unless and until you sell something.  I don't sell enough every month to cover a monthly fee plus make this bookstore worth my while.)

Additionally, the baby-blanket is coming along nicely.  With the pattern I'm shooting for, I need 81 squares and I'm over a quarter of the way through that.  My white squares are finished, and I've got quite a few of both the multi and the yellow.  Good thing I have until July.  LOL

Your turn.  Anything interesting going on in your life?


  1. FWIW, you're not alone in the "lack of book sales" department. Shortly after completing my thesis a couple of years ago, I was contacted by a publishing house to sell my book. Of course I was surprised, then flattered, and last humbled by the whole experience.

    I published the book and waited. To date, I've received enough royalties to possibly pay for a couple of nice dinners. Needless to say, I'm not in the business for the money.(:

  2. 5300 words. I wish I could say I'd done half that amount, and I can't even boast that my house is particularly clean, though it is tidy I suppose.

  3. I finished my short - it's a free read for Samhain. My first!

  4. I changed my blog template! Yay! I've been meaning to change it for a while, but I've been too busy-- and lazy.

    And you, missy, get your butt into gear and write! Heh, yeah, this coming from me. Snorts.

    Anyway, I will get out the pointy stick. Don't tempt me.