Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby Blanket

Heh.  I spent the past hour deciding what pattern I was going to use to make the baby blanket for my future great-niece.  I think I settled on the above.  The dotty squares are actually a multi-colored pastel yarn I found.  Too bad I don't know what the gender is.  This could have pinks or blues in it instead of yellow and green.

And now that's done...

Procrastination be damned.  I must write!  

(But you should see some of the other patterns I came up with.  They're so cute.  I want to go crochet them all now.)

Ahem.  I mean, write.  I want to write now.


  1. Love it.

    Today I was determined to finish a short story and so far I've done several lots of washing, a small mountain of ironing, helped son pack his bags for uni, unpacked daughter's bags from her holiday, cut son's hair (not too badly), cooked, completed various forms, and now, after checking a few blogs, I'm going to get writing!

  2. Aww I love it! It's so cute!! And greens and yellows are okay to give a baby =] Sometimes the gender colours bug me.

  3. You can always do blue and green. I think that's nice for either sex too. Now, get writing.

  4. I should've mentioned that the multi-colored pastel has blues and pinks as well as the greens and yellows. I think it'll all tie in nicely.

    Of course, I got distracted crocheting today after all, so after football, the night is for writing.