Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, that's one thing off my list of to-dos for the year.  Snazz up blog?  Check.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  The background picture is one I took when I was living in Utah.  I didn't name the file, but I think it's from the western shore of Lake Provo - looking east at the Wasatch Mountains. 

And now, onto the many other things on my list...

Set up house cleaning schedule?  Check.  Stick with it?  So far... Check. 

Today I also fixed Daughter's shower so it won't leak all over the floor everytime she bathes.  It wasn't on the list, but then again, I didn't know about it until I scrubbed her shower yesterday.  (Monday, bathrooms. Check.)  I also have to put weather stripping on the front door, but how boring is that? 

Write Every Day?  Not so check, but one day missed didn't kill me.  I just have to work harder tonight.  Except I'm pooped from cleaning.  (Tuesday, kitchen.  Check.)  Which is why I didn't write last night. 

Man, I so should've eased into this newfound schedule thing.  ;o)  I'm hoping once I finish the deep-clean, the whole process won't wipe me out every day.  Who knew cleaning could be so tiring?  On the bright side, I'm getting lots of exercise.  (Exercise more.  Check.)

Now I just need to get a handle on the goal of eating less and eating healthier.  Oh, and that little niggley goal I never really admitted to... Don't give up querying on Blink or Manhunter.  There's a whole pool of agents I haven't sent to, yet.  Maybe one of them is the one.  I'll never know if I don't try.

All in all 2010 is looking pretty good from here.  How have the first five days of the new year been for you?


  1. They've been busy with edits and catching up. Fortunately, tomorrow is a spa day. Hotrod really came through on the gift card department this year!

  2. I love the new blog =] I've been thinking of doing that, it just takes a lot of work to find what I want, lol.

    Godod job with your goals so far! I hope writing goes well for you =]

    So far this week I've just been hanging out here in Virginia. I have been reading a book for one of my classes and I've been reading/editing my story.

  3. Your house must be sparkling by now with all that cleaning going on. I wish I could say the same for mine, but at least the decorations are down now.

    I've been working on assignments for my writing course, and short stories, as I'm determined to write more of them this year.

  4. Great color! My eyes still find it soothing but I might need a larger or darker font ... or my reading glasses. Where did I put those glasses LOL?

  5. I bumped up the font a smidge for you, Wendy.

    Thanks for your comments, everyone. =o)