Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Update

Seems like it's been bipolar week on The Writing Spectacle, eh? Started out positive, went to middlin', and then went straight to Wanda Whiner. Pardon me while I slap myself around a bit.

But that's all part of the spectacle. Right?

Anyway, I did get some stuff done since last Friday - I mean besides going a little Sybil. (I'm not a loon. Really, I'm not.)

Over the weekend, I got down and dirty with Nano. I edited five chapters. I snipped and added and tweaked and reworded, leaving the grand total of gain/loss at minus 500 words. I've been eliminating every scene from this one character's POV, which helps. I'm not sure whether I'll weave some of that back in, or just leave it as is. He's a crucial character, but I think he was getting too much face time.

In addition to that, I managed to write just over 4000 new words on Fertile Ground. Half of that was last night, but I'm not sneezing at getting words out. Those words mean I'm about halfway through the first draft (if the first draft is between 60 and 70K, that is). Hurray. I'm also seeing where I can go back and tweak. I need to develop the male hero-type character more, so he's less a secondary and more a real hero. I also need to weave in some of the heroine's backstory, to show her internal conflict and motivation more clearly.

Now, not everything this week was wonderful. You might have guessed that I received a disheartening rejection based on yesterday's whine. You'd be right, but the weird thing is, I didn't get the rejection until after the post. Foresight, perhaps? It was another good rejection, but it didn't help my mood at all. She liked my writing, but she didn't love it enough to represent it. As feedback on a full goes, it was a wee bit sparse, but at least it was feedback.

I'm still at a stuck point with submitting. I need to climb back on the horse, but for right now, I'm thinking maybe I should walk for while rather than risk getting thrown when I'm already so sore. (I know, I'm mixing metaphors, but it's my blog and I'll mix if I want to. =op)

In other news, my daughter found an awesome recipe for Coconut Bread. Yummers. If any of you seem interested, I'll post it next week.

If you have any news to share, feel free. Have a great weekend everyone.

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