Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Book Review

Sorry to be so late today, but I wanted to finish this book so I could review it.

With her latest (maybe the last... :gasp:) book in her Highlander series - Highland Scoundrel - Monica McCarty nailed it again.

Hot Highlanders and gutsy lassies notwithstanding, she managed once again to pull this reader into a world I never would've dreamed I'd be interested in. I mean, seriously, me reading about 17th century Scotland? If you'd asked me a year or so ago, I'd have said I wasn't into historicals. And if I'd been silly enough to stick to that thought, I would've missed out on one hell of a ride.

With Highland Scoundrel, Monica catches up with the last of the Campbell siblings - bastard brother Duncan. He's been tried and convicted as a traitor to the crown, and on the run for the past ten years. Except he was framed, and the one he thinks stuck it to him a decade before is the only woman he's ever loved - Jeannie Grant. After living the life of a mercenary exile in Ireland, he comes home to clear his name and recapture his life. In order to do that, he has to get Jeannie - now the widow Gordon - to admit her part and give him the proof he needs to be a free man once more.

If only it were that easy - but easy stories don't make for great novels.

Jeannie never betrayed Duncan, but helping him prove his innocence means jeopardizing everything she's worked so hard at - including the lies she told to save her son from the very life of bastardy his real father suffered.

After all the torment they've been through, trust is harder to win back than the love they thought they lost but can't deny.

:sigh: The story does my hopeless romantic heart good.

I hope this isn't the last Highlander. If it is, though, I'll survive and anxiously wait to see what Monica has planned next.

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