Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Google is My Friend

Actually, it seems like Google would be every writer's friend. Tonight I needed to find the closest hospital to the worst part of Detroit. And since my time in the Detroit area was more about finding a place to sell electronic components than where to treat a bullet wound, without Google I'd be screwed. Hell, even if I still lived in Michigan, I'd be hard-pressed to find a reason to go into the worst parts of Detroit.

Once I got turned around and ended up at Warren and Wyoming (if I remember correctly). Talk about breaking a few traffic laws getting the hell out of that neighborhood. :shudder: I'm a little country girl who can't run and who didn't have anything more than a screwdriver for defense. (Not as weird as you'd think. I sold screwdrivers, too.) The last thing I wanted to do was stop at the approaching redlight - especially since there were hookers on one corner and drug dealers on the other. After pulling a U-ey and flooring it, I felt loads better, but nother half dozen blocks went by before I stopped wanting to wet my pants.

Anyway, thanks to Google, I don't have to go down there ever again. I just got the general location of the crime, and searched for the closest hospital. Bing bang boom, and she's on her way to Henry Ford. Damn, technology is a wonderful thing.

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