Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Picture Pause

There was a picture here but I had to delete it.Since I've been hard at work... umm... reading, I thought I'd share another picture with you. This one is from when I lived in Utah. I wasn't sure where I took this shot, but upon further inspection of the other photos, I'm guessing it was on the Eastern slope of the Wasatch somewhere south of Park City.

This was the day we got it into our heads that the road warnings must've been overkill... It was May, after all... and almost got stuck in a snow drift trying to get over the top. Oh, and the drop off the side of the road... I almost wet myself. Nothing like looking out the window straight down. Gack. Lucky for us, we made it and came out above one of the many ski lodges out that way.
There was a picture here but I had to delete it.
The above shot was earlier in the day, before the harrowing ride up Mt. Hell. As bleh as parts of Utah may be, there's some awesome scenery there, too.

Oh, and just before we got to the sign that said something to the effect of 'Abandon hope all ye who enter here', we went through this incredible birch forest. This picture doesn't totally capture the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of white trunks, but I think you can get a glimmer of the idea.

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  1. You really take nice pics. Wonderful composition. You should sell them on Etsy.