Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Book Review

If you check my reading progress, you'll see I've been reading my brains out lately. Of course, that leaves me no excuse for not getting around to doing a book review last week - unless I can claim that I was reading at the time. ;o)

With so many great books to choose from, I thought I'd pick Karin Tabke's Blood Sword series. Normally I'm only a passing fan of historical romance, but since Karin is such a great gal (I've been a blog reader for years) and I like the way she writes, I thought I'd give her Blood Sword Series a try. I'm so glad I did.

Hunky and haunted former crusaders bound together by shared misery, these men ride into battle covering each others' backs and keeping a lookout for their prophesied future - for each of them to find the one woman who will share his life and bear him sons. Not that either the men or the women go into the whole thing lightly or easily. Prophecy or no, their encounters are filled with conflict, and with an irresistable pull toward each other.


Anyway, I just finished reading the third book and each book just keeps getting better. They are...

1) Master of Surrender
2) Master of Torment
3) Master of Craving

You can read them independently, but if you read them out of order, you're going to miss the whole Saracen prison scene in book one - where Karin tells you how they came to be the Blood Swords. You don't need the info to get into the subsequent books, but it just makes the story so much richer.

So if you're looking for some steamy historical romance, complete with gutsy ladies and scorching hot knights, give Karin's books a whirl. Personally, I can't wait to read the next book. Too bad for me, the most recent just came out last week.

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