Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Authors and Their Agents

Over at Romance Divas, someone asked the question of how to find out who represented a certain author, and it occurred to me that there really isn't a a central location for this kind of information.


I'm going to try and keep a list of my own. It's not going to be anywhere near complete (that would take a monumental effort), and since authors occasionally change agents, it might not always be up to date. But it's a start. If you know of any author/agent relationships, let me know in the comments and I'll add them as we go along. (Links will be added as time permits. Until then, try: Agent Sites, Blogs, Etc.) Also, if I got anything wrong, let me know.

Agatha Christie estate - Harold Ober Associates
Alison Kent - Donald Maass Literary Agency: Jennifer Jackson
Allison Brennan - Trident Media Group: Kimberly Whalen
Ally Carter - Nelson Literary Agency: Kristen Nelson
Anne Rice - Janklow & Nesbit
Arthur C. Clarke - Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency: Russell Galen
Beatrice Small - The Ethan Ellenberg Agency
Brandon Sanderson (no relation) - JABberwocky
Brian Herbert and the DUNE estate - Trident Media Group
Catherine Coulter - Trident Media Group
Charlaine Harris - JABberwocky
Cherry Adair - Trident Media Group: Kimberly Whalen
Clive Barker - Janklow & Nesbit
Danielle Steel - Janklow & Nesbit
David Baldacci - The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency, Inc.
David McCullough - Janklow & Nesbit
Dean Koontz - LJK Literary Management
Debbie Macomber - The Park Literary Agency, LLC
Debra Webb - Levine Greenberg Literary Agency
Diana Killian - BookEnds, LLC
Diana Peterfreund - The Knight Agency
Douglas Preston - Janklow & Nesbit
F. Scott Fitzgerald estate - Harold Ober Associates
Gena Showalter - The Knight Agency
Harlan Coben - The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency
Isaac Asimov estate - Trident Media Group
Jaci Burton - Trident Media Group
Jackie Barbosa - Marsal Lyon LiteraryAgency
Jenna Black - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Jennifer Haymore - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Jill Monroe - shows up on the client lists of both The Knight Agency and Trident Media Group
Jim Butcher - Donald Maass Literary Agency: Jennifer Jackson
Johanna Lindsey - The Aaron M. Priest Literary Agency
John Grisham - The Gernert Company
Karen Robards - Trident Media Group
Karin Tabke - Trident Media Group
Kristen Painter - The Knight Agency
Linda Lael Miller - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Linnea Sinclair - Nelson Literary Agency
Lucienne Diver - Nelson Literary Agency
Margaret Weis - The Plains Agency
Marjorie M. Liu - The Knight Agency: Lucienne Diver
MaryJanice Davidson - The Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Maya Banks - Trident Media Group
Maya Reynolds - BookEnds, LLC
Mercedes Lackey - Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency: Russell Galen
Michael Crichton estate - Janklow & Nesbit
M.J. Rose - Loretta Barrett Books
Neal Shusterman - Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Nicholas Sparks - The Park Literary Group, LLC
Pearl S. Buck estate - Harold Ober Associates
Phillip K. Dick - Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency: Russell Galen
Rachel Vincent - Irene Goodman Literary Agency
Rhonda Stapleton - Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Richard Adams - Harold Ober Associates
Robin Cook - Janklow & Nesbit
Roxanne St. Claire - Trident Media Group: Kimberly Whalen
Sherrilyn Kenyon - Lowenstein-Yost Associates: Zoe Fishman
Simon Green - JABberwocky
Sophie Kinsella - Inkwell Management
Tamora Pierce - Harold Ober Associates
Terry Brooks - Janklow & Nesbit
Terry Goodkind - Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency: Russell Galen
T.H. White estate - Harold Ober Associates
Tom Clancy (Op-Center only) - Trident Media Group
Toni McGee Causey - Trident Media Group: Kimberly Whalen
Tony Hillerman - Curtis Brown, LTD
Vicki Lewis Thompson - Trident Media Group: Robert Gottlieb
Wendy Roberts - Irene Goodman Literary Agency

Update: Heh. For a more comprehesive and professional list, see the URL in Brit's comment. I should've known better than to think it wouldn't be out there somewhere. Thanks Brit.


  1. The work has already been done. Check it out: http://www.querytracker.net/clients.php


  2. Gnarly. Well, then the list serves two purposes... 1) It keeps me out of trouble. 2) It amuses me.

    I'm easily amused. ;o)

  3. B.E. - We need something to do while we are procrastinating from writing, don't we? :D