Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday's Super Site

As a self-professed geek, what better site to give you this Saturday than wiseGEEK?

wiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions.

I admit I don't stop by here often, but then again, I haven't been doing much research lately. However, when I need a source, wiseGEEK usually has some information for me. For instance, if I wanted to learn about Wicca because I read a lot of paranormal, this site would be a good place to start. (Funny how the ads on the Wicca entry are for Christianity. Hmmm.) Or let's say I want to look into Nanotechnology because I want to write a book with that in it. (Okay, I already did this, but you see what I mean.)

The site has a pretty good search function, and if you're just killing time, you can browse through their categories to find some nifty information - like What is Occam's Razor? or What is Teasel? (I know, I know... none of us needs another time-suck, but hey, at least you're learning while you avoid work.)

Anyway, in this writing business, more information and more ways to access it are always good things. If you visit wiseGEEK, come on back and tell me what things you found. Anything weird, interesting or just plain goofy?

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