Monday, June 1, 2009


Heh. A book I have been unable to find at any brick and mortar - one that was curiously absent from Amazon even - was located and purchased today.

It's kinda sick that I'm this happy over it. But that's what happens when you start an older series. You have to chase down the ones you missed. Who knew that book four - the one right after a cliffhanger in book three - would be so damn hard to track down.

I'm forever indebted to Barnes and Noble. (Even if I had to drive a half hour out of my way to get there.) Would've saved myself a lot of trouble if Borders had it, but nooooo.

Anyway, I'm talking about Summer Knight - the fourth book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. Quite a few books on my list were absent from the shelves of either store, but I managed to score quite a few yummy titles.

Books four√ and five of the Dresden Files
Fablehaven #4 - Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary
A new release by SJ Day - Eve of Darkness
Sharon Shannon Butcher's first book (she's Jim's wife) - Burning Alive (And my apologies for getting her first name wrong when I posted this.)
Vamped by Lucienne Diver
The third Blood Sword novel by Karin Tabke - Master of Craving
The last hot highlander by Monica McCarty - Highland Scoundrel
Oh, and I can't believe I forgot...
Jennifer Lyon's new book Blood Magic (If you're reading this, feel free to slap me, Jen.)

I started Summer Knight around dinner and I'm halfway through. I'd read it all night, but after the long drive, I'm too pooped to even link to the above books. (I'll try to get to it tomorrow.)

The bummer of the day were the missing books I really wanted, too. The latest Diana Peterfreund - Tap and Gown - wasn't on the shelves at either store. The StarDoc books by S.L. (Lynn) Viehl I'm missing were absent, too. :pout: Plus I completely forgot to check the shelves at Borders for Toni McGee Causey's new book, and it wasn't at B&N. Gah.

I did find an old Foo Fighters CD, though, so I guess it's all good.

Help. I've waited here for you... Everlong... And I wonder, when I sit alone with you, if everything could ever be this real forever... The only thing I'll ever ask of you, you gotta promise not to stop when I say when...


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