Thursday, December 1, 2022

Thursday This n That

It's amazing how the absence of one toxic person can lighten the tension for so many other people.  Don't be the toxic person.

I still have turkey leftovers. We've eaten turkey for lunch and dinner every day since Thursday.  Hubs wants to freeze the rest.  Sounds like a plan.  I am about turkey'd out here.

Okay, so today's the first of December.  Where'd the year go?  Now I have to start thinking about Christmas and year-end.  Blerg.

I did already find a couple of neat things to order, but they don't have delayed shipping, so I need to order them so they arrive at just the right time.  I am not good with planning this kind of stuff.  I may just order the stuff this weekend and the moms will get early present delivery.  

The young gal at the office is getting married this month.  She invited me to the wedding.  I passed the invite along to Hubs, already knowing the answer because his answer would be the same as mine - nope.  I thanked her yesterday for the invitation and let her know we wouldn't be coming.  And explained why - we are hermits.  She's cool with it.  I mean, it was super nice of her to invite us.  I'll get her something nice as a present.

Which reminds me that I need to pick up assorted cards when I hit Wallyworld on Saturday.  I need a card for the wedding and one for a birthday, and probably more xmas cards. (I need to do xmas cards this weekend.  Blerg.)

Okay, is it just me or does it seem like it was just June???  How did we get to December here?  

I heard geese yesterday.  They sounded like they were pretty far up, but I couldn't see them.  And the sky was exceptionally blue yesterday, too, so I probably could've spotted them.  :shrug:  Head along south goosey-bros.  See ya in the spring.

And on that note, I'm gonna let ya'll go.  Have a great day!


  1. Yeah, it's December. Not sure how that happened either. I've started ordering Christmas. Gonna be weird stuff this year but whatever. LOL Sounds like the young gal is nice. That's good. And sometimes, the Canadians "snowbird" down here, land for the night and just end up staying. Year round. LOL Go figure.

    I recommended BLINK OF AN I today over on the Smart Bitches blog. It's book rec day and a reader wanted recs for dystopians. Hope people at least take a look. LOVED that book.

    Speaking of books, I finally finished the Nalini Singh book. Tood me 15 days. That NEVER happens. I enjoyed the book but I wasn't driven to find out what happens. On to something else that also isn't driving me but I'm just filling time 'til a new release on Tuesday. I do need to relisten to the 2 books before the new one so I may switch over.

    Writing is still going. Distractions yesterday so not as much progress.

    Mother Nature can't make up her mind and my knees are telling me all about it.

    Turkey! I finally did the little bonless Butterball breast that can be "roasted" in 2 1/2 hours from frozen. Because there were no leftovers from T-giving. It was yummy and just enough left for a few sammiches at lunch. In fact, I may have lunch early because now I'm hungry for a turkey sammich. Of course, it's not even 9 a.m. yet. 🙄🤣

    And that's pretty much my this. Later, tater.

    FYI, toxic people suck. As you know...

  2. Wait, it's NOT June? Oh, dear. It's a good thing I shop year-round for Christmas.

    I can be guilted into going to a wedding, but not a baby shower. Several people tried, said no one was going, and I still said NOPE. It turned out that a couple of hundred people went.

    Thanksgiving food was great, but I can't wait for Christmas dinner -- we're having Mexican! Yum! But I need to be careful I don't eat so much.

    Hey, your geese should show up here in a couple of days! I'll watch/listen for them. I love seeing them.