Saturday, December 31, 2022

Saturday Reading Wrap-up: 2022

 It's the last day of the year and since I didn't finish any books this past week, and I'm not likely to finish the book I'm reading today, I thought I'd just go ahead and wrap-up my Year in Reading.  

I started the year with a goal to read 75 books.  I missed it by 3.  Which actually isn't that bad, considering that when I started the year I had no clue that I would be spending the last 6 months of the year working full time.  

If you want to browse through the books I read in 2022, go here: 2022 - Books Read.  (And there's always a link to all my years' Books Read posts on the left side of this blog, underneath my book links.)

Nothing really surprising in the list.  What's surprising to me is how few of the books on my list I actually remember reading.  I mean, I totally forgot that I read The Three Musketeers this year, but it's on the list, so it must be true.  (Wait, I think I remember reading it now.  Derp.  It was read on the Kindle.)

Toward the end of the year, I read a lot of hardcopy books.  Since I was working again, I had the extra scratch to feed my used-book habit.  Loads of unread books on the shelves and it takes less time to grab one of those than sort through ebook listings to find books I want to read.  

I ended the year with two unread ebooks and an unread e-short story sitting on my Kindle.  Maybe I'll start the new year with those.  

In book buying, I picked up 109 new books in 2022.  80 of those were ebooks, leaving 29 hardcopies.  I read or attempted to read most of them.  There are 6 I haven't touched yet and one I don't intend to read because it's for my collection of old writing books (English Grammar and Composition, c1963). Two of those I might not read any time soon - a Hemingway and a book about Frederick Douglass.  I bought those for my collection of literature.

On the 'attempted to read' side, I DNF'd 31 ebooks and 7 hardcopies.  3 hardcopies are going back to thrift stores - 2 because I either had another copy of the title and one because I decided I didn't want to read it.  (Having already DNF'd the first book, I did not want to start the second.)

I could go through and sort all the genres I read, like I've done in the past, but I don't want to.  Suffice it to say, there's a ton of mystery, crime, suspense, etc.  Feels like I read more SF and literature than usual. 

And that's about it.  I'm not sure what 2023 will bring in reading.  Maybe I'll set it for 50 this year and hope for reading a book a week.  We'll see.

How was your reading year?  Did you reach your goals?  

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  1. My original goal was 150 books, which is 50 less than I've "goaled" in th past. I ended the year upping it to 161, which I just reached. As usual, almost all the books were audio versions though I did manage some written ones. Goal for 2023 is to get my eyes fixed so I can actually read books, though I admit I enjoy audio books a lot. That said, I've abandoned some books I wanted to read because the narrator grated my nerves. Once I can read for longer than five minutes on the Kindle or page, I'll give those DNFs another try.

    I did finish 5 books this past week, all in the Kate Daniels series by wife/husband team Ilona Andrews. All audio, all UF/romance, all 5 stars. And all relistens. I'll finished the series and the two books that are "sequels" in the new year.

    Not sure how many books I bought, checked out from the library, or were already in my collection. I do know that I'm going to clear out many of my physical books in the new year for donation to a small-town start-up library. I have a bunch I know I won't read/read again and I can use the shelf space for other stuff.

    On that note, Happy New Year's and happy reading in the coming year. Cheers!