Saturday, December 3, 2022

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 12/3/22

 Four weeks left in 2022... 28 days... And I still have 8 books to read to hit my goal.  Looking at it another way, I only have 8 books left, which isn't too bad considering when I made the goal I hadn't dreamed I'd be back to work full time.  Go, me.

I picked up a new ebook this week.  A few days ago, I woke to find a strange email in my inbox.  Turns out it was from an author I'd read in 2018 and he'd seen my gushing review. He wanted to gift me the sequel.  Well, I hadn't even known the sequel existed, so I rushed right over to Amazon and bought me a copy.  (Then I went back and thanked him for his offer and for letting me know the sequel was there. He seems like a cool guy.)  Anyway, I'm all kinds of excited to read this. 

Books Read: 

67) Shakespeare's Christmas by Charlaine Harris (11/29/22) - Mystery - 4 stars.  I've read Charlaine before, but not any in this series, and it's not underappreciated.  Picked up from a thrift store for 25c.
Review: "Fun story and thoroughly enthralling until like the last page when it felt sort of flat. All in all a good read, though."

66) Hogfather by Terry Pratchett (11/26/22) - Fantasy - 5 stars.  I read quite a bit of Pratchett when I was younger, but I never read this or any of the other 'Death' books.  Not underappreciated.  Picked up from a thrift store for $1.
No Review.

No DNFs.

Currently reading... The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly.  But I'm going to set it aside today so I can read that ebook I snagged.  

What was on your reading wrap-up for the week?

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  1. I actually finished a book this week! *Snoopy dances* I'm at 146 on my challenge of 150 and still 8 books ahead. I shouldn't have too much trouble and may exceed.

    146 - Archangel's Resurrection (Guild Hunters/Archangel #15) - Nalini Singh, ParaRom/UF/AltHist. 4 stars. While I enjoyed the way-past history covered in this book, and a look at more "current" events from a different POV, I just never truly connected with the two characters, Archangel Alexander and Archangel Zanaya. Theirs is supposed to be a love story for the ages--and I do mean like multiple milleniums! It took me two weeks to finish though I was busy writing my own stuff so there's that. It wasn't a distraction. I enjoyed the book but I didn't love it. Still, for the history lesson of this world along, worth 4 stars.

    Currently reading WOLF GONE WILD (Stay a Spell #1) by Juliette Cross. Picked it up on a big sale at Audible. Set in New Orleans (always catnip), it the story of Evie, an "underachieving" hex-breaking witch, and Mateo, a werewolf metal sculptor who can't shift and his wolf, Alpha, is driving him crazy--literally, though it's all in his head. Again, literally. It's got some humor and I don't dislike the characters though, sadly, once again, I'm not driving to find out what happens. Yeah, yeah. It's me, not the book. So far, I'd recommend it and there are sisters for sequel bait.

    On with my day. Happy reading this week! Later, tater.