Saturday, December 17, 2022

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 12/17/22

 Not the most exciting of wrap-ups, but hey, it's somethin'.  

I have 5 books left to read in the next two weeks to reach my goal.  I'm skeptical.  I know, reading 5 books in two weeks ought to be a breeze for me, but working has severely limited my reading time and gumption.  I'll make a valiant effort, though.

No new books this week.

Books read: 

70) The Ringworld Engineers by Larry Niven (12/13/22) - SF - 5 stars.  Larry's not new to me and this book has loads of reviews.  Bought for 25c at a thrift store.
No Review.  What could I possibly say about this that hasn't already been said?


Currently reading... The Hammer of Eden by Ken Follett, in hard cover.  I'm not sure I like this one, so this might be a DNF on next week's list. I'll figure out today whether I'm going to finish it.

What was on your reading list for the week?


  1. I bumped my goal to 155 after I hit 150 at the first of the month. I'm currently at 153 so I don't foresee a problem in meeting--or perhaps having to expand again--my goal. I only listened to one book this week. Seasonal and RL reasons.

    153 - The Wizard's Butler (Wizard's Bulter #1), Nathan Lowell, Cozy UF, 5 stars. New-to-me author but not under appreciated. The book showed up on a sale, the blurb intrigued me, so I clicked. I was delighted, even though it took me a week because...stuffs. Anyway, Sebastian Shackleford is an 80-something wizard with a money-grubbing neice and in need of a butler. Roger Mulligan is unemployed after he left his EMT job because he went after a domestic abuse suspect. He's also a combat vet. He's hired by the neice. There is magic, a bit of a mystery, pixies, a house that's as much a character as the people, and it's the story of a lost young man settling into what he's meant to do. I loved the book and hope that whole Book 1 isn't just a tease. No book 2 available yet. If/when it releases, I'll totally spend a credit. This is an easy book with little angst, full-bodied and interesting characters, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I recommend it.

    Currently reading/listening-to...nothing. I finished BUTLER last night and nothing has jumped right out at me, either from my library or from my wish list. Sad place for a reader to be. I'll find something eventually and I only have two books left for my challenge. It's all good.

    Happy reading!

  2. I read my first Ken Follett this week and was thoroughly disappointed. I won't bother getting another one.

    Right now I'm rereading some Barbara Hambly and I'm enjoying them immensely.