Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thursday This n That

 I woke up this morning with a swoop in my hair.  I could do something about it, but it's raining today and my hair is going to freak out anyway.  :shrug:

Let's talk for a second about the extreme myopia of some people. You say there were no female action leads before your pampered self wandered onto the screen.?  Sigourney Weaver was kicking ass when your parents were still playing with dolls.   And by the way, sweetie, it wasn't you.  It was the story.  You're no action hero.  Sigourney kicks ass is whatever movie she's in, even if she's not actually kicking ass. 

Ooo, that reminds me.  Have y'all ever seen the movie Copycat?  Just watch it.  I caught it on TV the other day and it's still as good as the first time I watched it.  Sigourney kicks ass.  And Harry Connick, Jr. is a delightfully creepy villain.  Yep, that's right, I said villain.  Watch it.

Apropos of nothing, it's a tight spot when your sense of self-preservation comes up against your sense of justice.

I have this weird quirk where I'll say something and then repeat myself. 

... and then repeat myself.

Since 2020, I've been making myself orange juice with tonic water. I'm not sure if the quinine is actually doing anything, but I haven't been sick, so I'll keep at it.  Two bouts of the crud and one pass of the 'rona have swept through my office and I haven't gotten anything.  :knocks on simulated woodgrain:  So, I started jokingly saying 'shut up and drink your tonic' around the house.  And now that's what I call the beverage. I kill me.

When I was in college, I had a friend who would, instead of saying 'knock on wood', say 'knock on simulated woodgrain'.  (Because his car has a simulated wood insert on the dashboard.)  Thirty years later, I'm still saying it that way.

I sometimes wonder whatever happened to that dude.  Unfortunately, he has such a typical name, ton of hits come up and none of them are him.

I've found others of my old gang.  One of them owns a bar in the city where we went to school.  The heavy metal thrasher who introduced me to bands like Jane's Addiction is a teacher now.  I wonder if that last guy still wears two different colored contacts and earrings in all the holes in his ears.  ;o)

Ah, the old days.  Some of them were good.

Got anything on your this n that today?

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  1. I submit LInda Hamilton's name (Terminator). Ever actress who ever played Maid Marian. Kathleen Turner (Romancing the Stone). And I'm sure I could come up with more but I've only had 1 cup of coffee.

    Since I have no sense of self-preservation (well, beyond concealed carry) I'm all about the justice.

    I'm always happy when... I have absolutely no recollection of what I was going to say here. LG walked into my office and now, fifteen minutes of conversation later, I don't remember.

    When I knock wood, I tap my head.

    Theologians with senses of humor delight me. Christmas "pagent" at Stormy's school, which is church-affiliated. Title of the program? "The Loaned Manger." There were lots of Ranger Doug moments. And puns. And trying to sing the Hallaluia Chorus to the tune of a country song? We laughed a lot and the kids had a great time with it.

    Misty-moisty, rainy-drizzly, foggy-boggy. We need the moisture so I'm happy to stay warm and dry inside with plans to actually work today. Maybe. We'll see.

    And that's all for this Thursday. Later, tater!