Friday, November 4, 2022

Thursday This n That

Yeah, I realize this isn't Thursday.  Unfortunately, I didn't think yesterday was Thursday, so you're getting this today.  

Yesterday, I was listening to music on my lunch break and this one video started out with an attack ad against both the Republican and the Libertarian candidates for Senate.  Everything 'bad' they were saying about the R turned out to be lies.  Everything 'bad' they said about the L made me want to vote for him.  I wish I could find the ad and share it, but alas, I cannot.  I'm still voting for the R on Tuesday, though, because if the conservatives here split their votes between R & L, we'll get the damn D again.  Maybe that was the point of the commercial.  She knows she can't win if the conservative voters don't split their vote, so she's making the L look more attractive than the R.  

Sometimes it's hard to not talk about things going on at work.  

I've been screwing around taking these 'list challenge' things I see on FB.  One of them was 'so you think you're well read'.  It had like 1460 titles on it.  I've read like 175 or so and I shared it on FB.  Someone commented pointing to Sturgeon's Law on Wikipedia.  Back in the '50s, science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon postulated that 90% of everything is crap.  Yep, that seems about right.

Speaking of crap, I saw another challenge on there of 'woke' books.  It said something about the average # of those books that participants have read.  It was 3.  LOL

One thing I hate about book challenges on there is that they list a whole series of which I read only one or two, so I can't claim it.  Harshes my groove, man.

I've already bought a 2023 date book for work.  I haven't written in it yet, but I need to plan some stuff out for next year already, so I should probably get crackin' on that.  I am not one for planning that far ahead.

I think we're having leftovers for dinner tonight.  Or burgers.  We need to eat the leftovers, but I'll probably want a burger by the time I get home.  :wanders into the kitchen to take burger out to defrost:

Yesterday morning, I was on my way to work and not far from the house when a chipmunk darted across the road in front of me.  Lucky for Chester, I was paying attention and hit the brakes.  I would've had a sad if I'd squashed the little dude.  Probably not as sad as he would've been, though.

Okay, I've probably bored you enough for now.  Have a great day and an awesome weekend. :hugs:


  1. I 💖 the way your mind works. Just sayin'...

    Politics are crazy this year. Our DA race is between a D with 25 years as a Federal prosecutor and 9 years as a defense attorney. Her opponent, the R, was a JAGC officer, lobbyist, politician, and is currently under corruption investigation as a county commissioner. She wants justice and lower crime. He touts that he "knows people" and can fix the DA's office. Guess who's crossing parties on that vote.

    I'll say this here because I'd be in FB jail for saying it there, even though I am tempted to change my profile header to a cockroach. One of the so-called "ladies" on "The View" compared suburban women who are voting R to...well, her quotes was "Suburban women for Rs is like cockroaches voting for Raid." Ah, Sunny. You do realize that according to science (which your side mostly ignores unless it matches your agenda), cockroaches will be the only things left alive after a nuclear war. Given the current administrations lack of foreign policy, that scenario might happen. My suburban sisters and I will be waving buh-bye and wiping crockodile tears (too bad, so sad) as you fade away.

    Okay, no more politics. I'm fixing beef stew and cornbread for dinner. The cold front is due through here in the next hour or so. It's 70 degrees and humid right now. It's supposed to bring rain with temps falling into the 40s as it passes. I'm ready!

    Glad you liked my happy little video this morning.

    I'm doing NaNo. Yes, I AM insane, why do you ask? Actually, I'm trying to force myself to finish UTAM and get it published and then knuckle down and finish CROSSFIRE.

    Ending on a happy note, I'm finally making inroads at Apple! My D2D statement for them was $68. Not huge but for months, it's been $2 or $6 or $0.

    Have a good weekend and you know you can always email me! Later, tater.

  2. Thank goodness you saw Chester in time!

    If my radio plays ANY political ad, I change the station. I'm thoroughly sick of all of them.

    Cleo LOVESSSS her diet food. Unfortunately. Big, sad, starving-kitty eyes again this morning.

    I bought a 2023 calendar for my purse. Darn, that thing is heavy. I'll need to write Mom and Brother's doctors appointments in this one, unless Brother's back gets a whole lot better. The poor kid has worse arthritis than I do.

    I just bought an 1890 fashion mag on eBay. Slaps fingers. But it was on sale! :-)