Sunday, October 30, 2022

Sunday Update - Week Somethin' Or Other

 I'm too lazy to look up the week # this morning.  

Anyway, it was a week.  Not much different from the week before.  

I did a fair bit of reading, all things considered.  I inhaled a book yesterday and finished it last night.  Woohoo.  I also hit another thrift store and came home with 7 books for a dollar.  Most of them for the shelves and not strictly for reading, but hey, a book is a book.  I have a little collection of old books on how to write, and I found another one of those.  Not super old - like 1955 - but it looks good sitting with the others.

I made Hubs' granola bars before work one morning and that's it for the baking.

On the activity front, we took a walk last Sunday.  Just under a mile.  Which puts me at a measly 32.3 miles for the year.  On the other hand, my weight is still inching down.  As of yesterday... Weight: 166.4.  That's 15 pounds down since I started work and 15.8 down since the start of the year.  I can almost fit into those slightly too-small pants I bought last month.  They fit awesome when I'm standing up but they still cut into my stomach sitting down and since I spend most of my day sitting, they're going to have to remain int he closet.

My wrist is not exactly 100%, but I've gotten to the point where it only really bothers me first thing in the morning.  Both of the braces I bought are duds, as far as I'm concerned.  I wore the new one at work for about a half hour before it started to irritate me.  This reminds me of the time I broke my foot.  I wore the 'cast' thingie for about a day at home, then I had to not wear it to work because I couldn't drive with it.  I bought a pair of crutches to use instead and dumped those at the end of the first day because they were bothering my arms.  I spent the rest of my recovery limping around the plant.  :shrug:  I don't got time for no medical impedances.

Earlier in the week, the leaky spot on our roof from a ways back started leaking again.  We woke up to a puddle in the smoking room.  Yesterday, I picked up two gallons of roof repair, and then it spent most of the day raining.  Not a single drop came through.  Near as I can figure it, that last puddle was created because we got 3.5 inches of rain and it was really windy, so the wind drove the rain up under a loose shingle.  Hubs will still paint the roof with the repair gunk, but it's not as critical anymore.

Work is still work.  Not much changed about that.  The only problem I can see is that I am now comfortable in my position.  (Or as comfortable as anyone can be in a busy environment.)  This is a problem because when I'm comfortable, the little voice in my head that reminds me 'don't say that' starts to goof off.  I'm an opinionated person... yeah, stating the obvious to people who stop here regularly... and when those opinions start dropping out of my face at work, it's a problem.  Need to rein that in.  I need to keep those thoughts for when I'm talking to Hubs or Mom, or in private emails to a certain friend of mine.

One awesome thing about working, my mom and I are connecting on a whole new level.  She understands what I go through at work because it's similar to what she did for years, and I better understand what she went through for all those years many years ago when I was too wrapped up in my own junk to listen to what she needed to talk about.  Dad was not a great listener.  Anyway, I've been close to Mom most of my life, but I feel closer now.  Which is awesome.

I wish I had that kind of relationship with my daughter, but I think Owl has written me off.  =o(


The birds are migrating.  The deer are doing their things.  We haven't seen Sebastian the fox in a while.  A few mornings this past week, there has been a hawk sitting in the same place when I'm on my way to work, and the time I leave puts it so the first rays of the sun are hitting the hawk as I drive by.  It's pretty cool.  I'd stop and take a picture, but I have a feeling if I stopped the car, it would startle him and he'd fly away.  I think it's a red-shouldered hawk.  So pretty.

And that's about it for me.  How went your week?


  1. You're lucky to have the relationship you have with your mom. Mine never understood me, never tried, and lavished everything on my brother and then his wife, who she did understand. Luckily, I had Dad for a little over half my life. I still miss him every day. Relationships between mothers and daughters can be complicated. I'm lucky with Only. And I'm sorry Owl doesn't get what an awesome parent she has in you. 😔

    Hopefully your fox friend will come back for a visit. Brother Hawk is all kinds of awesome! Yay for reading, books, and just getting through life!

    My week was mostly boring. Heck, not even mostly. It WAS boring. I did manage to get an honorable mention in the #ThursdayThreads flash fiction challenge so a few new words but no edits. Head and shoulder just weren't cooperating.

    This was a dismal sports weekend. Sadly, Stormy's team drew the short straw and got a lousy ref who had no clue about the rules, which truly did costs the team the game so they got 3rd place instead of playing for the championship. Ah, well. There's always winter soccer! Stormy loves playing so I'm afraid we're going to be a soccer family now. Gah! 🙄

    Still doing the marathon series listen, as you know. Cool temps and rain made for gooey comfort food--chicken Alfredo fettucini, shephard's pie, grilled cheese and soup. I'm thinking beef stew and cornbread this coming week. Gotta figure out other dinners, too.

    Today is Only's b-day. The gang is gathering at the usual pizza place for dinner. I gotta go hit an ATM to get some cash for her card and for Stormy, since he made the honor roll--the only one in 3rd grade with all As!

    Enjoy the rest of your day. Have a good week! Later, tater.

  2. I've been reading too much and walking too little. Not going to talk about weight!

    My roof leaks if the rain blows hard from the east. We can't find where it's coming in. But our winds are usually from the north or the south, so it doesn't happen often.

    Owl will come back by the time she's your age. Those wings need way too much space while we're young.

    Happy birthday to Only!

    Cleo is cranky cranky CRANKY. and looking for trouble. But she's lost .7 lbs out of 2.5, so we're getting there. If we both survive her diet. Definitely no more cutting rations -- she's been threatening to eat ME.

    I got a fair bit of work done this week, but mostly on the next book, not this one. I need to concentrate! Or publish that book next... Hmmmmm.