Sunday, October 23, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 42

It was a week.  Things happened.  I haven't had nearly enough coffee yet to rebuild what those things are, but I'll try. 

I worked 40 hours... I know that.  And just to set things straight, in case anyone stop by this blog who knows where I work and cares, they fixed the stuff they'd passed over at my 90-day mark.  All is well.  I'm still liking the job.  For the most part.  Say like 90%.  Which is better than most people get and more than I could've asked for.

I read... but I detailed that yesterday.

No baking.  Although, I probably should make Hubs some granola bars today.  

No exercising.  Well, I did sweep the office Friday afternoon, so that's something active, I guess. Weight: 168.2.  Hubs and I are planning to walk today, as long as it isn't super windy, and it's supposed to be super windy.  Derp.

My wrist is still wonky.  Typing and mousing are interesting.  I rearranged my desk at work to give my arm more support.  Yesterday, I bought a wrist brace at Walmart.  It fits good and it would work, but t's too tight around my thumb, so I order a different one online.  It'll be here Wednesday.  I think I know what the problem is - not carpal tunnel - and a brace should help.

I also ordered two sleeveless turtleneck tops.  In black and purple.  To go under my myriad of blazers.  They're cute.  And I got a super cute sweater at Wallyworld.  In olive green.

Speaking of Wallyworld, I did that yesterday.  The cupboards and the fridge/freezer are once again full.  Yay.

I saw a bald eagle yesterday!  I was driving home and it swooped down toward my car, so I got to see it in all its glory.  Big white head, big white tail, big black body.  Stunning.  So, the balds are back in town.  Sing it.  You know you want to.

Other than that, life is what it is.  Anything happening in your world?


  1. Glad things got fixed! Yay for new clothes. The brace often works for me. I do have carpal tunnel but I also have wrist strain. Two different braces and I can tell the difference. Yay for reading, groceries, baking if you get it done and walks. The wind sucks. Also, it's hot. Supposed to rain/get cool tonight and tomorrow. And yeah, I am totally singing that song in my head now. Thanks ever so much.

    Speaking of physical, I buggered my shoulder again. Was "out" with it about two days. Better now but neck and muscles between my shoulder blads stiff and sore thanks to funky way I had to sleep due to shoulder. Gritch, gritch, gritch. Getting old sucks.

    There were sports. Stormy's team won. Yanks lost. OSU Cowboys beat Texas. 2 out of 3 ain't bad.

    My listening pleasure was covered yesterday on your blog. No really writing done. A few new words but trying to sit at the computer and work on UTAM was painful. Have I mentioned it sucks to get old.

    That's pretty much the sum total of my week. Hang in there. Hope the weather cooperates for you and Hubs! Later, tater.

  2. I'm glad everything got fixed, and that the wrist brace is helping. Here's to the new one arriving extra soon!

    I ordered a couple more Victorian magazines, plus an 1859 dictionary. (Slaps hand!) I need another dictionary like I need a hole in my floor, but I loooovvve old dictionaries! And this one was really cheap. There's an 1814 version I'm eyeing, but I bet the bidding goes over my limit.

    I got a little work done, but not much. Too much time on eBay. Le sigh.

    The balds are back in town! Not here of course, but it should rain tomorrow, and that's close enough for me. ;-)