Thursday, October 27, 2022

Thursday This n That

I just saw a recipe for butternut squash / pesto pizza.  Umm... no.  More like 'what are three things that should never go together, Alex.'

My second wrist brace arrived in the mail yesterday.  I am dubious.  But I'll try it.  If this doesn't work, I'm going back to my old standby of just wrapping the damn thing with an Ace bandage.  They aren't pretty but they get the job done.

The super cute tops I ordered must be on a slow boat from China.  They shipped before the brace.  Aannnd I just looked up the shipping company.  Yep, China.  Why do the only cute tops I could find come from China?  Derp.  I blame the unions.

We had Stouffers French Bread pizza for dinner last night.  I haven't had those in years.  And they are NOT what they used to be.  I mean, they were better than no pizza, but I was definitely disappointed.  :sadface:

On a different note, I also picked up Banquet frozen dinners, knowing full well that they are not great, but they were cheap and they were quick.  Surprisingly, they were way better than they had been in years past.  Go, Banquet.  

Which reminds me... I need to defrost something for dinner.

So, a few people in the company have gotten the 'rona.  They aren't in-office people, so I'm not worried.  But it makes things more interesting when we have several people out.

Which reminds me, I saw a meme thing morning with the boss guy from Office Space... "Yeah, we're going to be short-staffed forever, so if you could just work yourself to death, that'd be great."  ROFL

In my head, I still pronounce meme 'MEM' and not 'MEEM'.  Yeah, I'm ancient.  Bite me.

I also pronounce ROFL as roffle. And LOL as loll.  But OMG gets the whole thing spelled out.  :shrug:

Well, it's about that time.  I should probably shower and then make my lunch, get dressed, etc. so I can get to work on time.  Have a great day, everyone.

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  1. Why is the Covid still such a thing? People are going to get it. Like the flu, some will get really sick, some won't, and some won't even know they've had more than a bad cold.

    That said, I still wipe down my shopping cart with an alcohol wipe and then my hands and face once I'm back in the car. Knock wood, I'm still healthy.

    I love sleeping under a thick comforter. Yay for cold nights.

    Today is laundry day. If I can remember. I went out to throw the first load into the dryer and discovered the whites from last week. I'd forgotten about them. Good thing LG has lots of socks.

    We had soup and grilled cheese last night. LG had a chicken/sausage/rice gumbo kinda thing. I had clam chowder. I actually grill my grilled cheese. Texas toast with a thin layer of Miracle Whip, cheese of choice (sharp cheddar for me, American for LG) and sometimes meat (last night was ham for him, roast beef for me), another thin coating of MW on the top piece of Texas toast. Melted butter on griddle, toasting those puppies up and once the perfect buttery-crusty brown, about a minute under the broiler to heat the meet and bubble the cheese. Awesome dinner on a chilly fall night.

    No writerly stuff this week. My bad. Gonna try some today. We'll see. Shoulder and wrist are both flaring up. Typing is easier than scrolling but need to scroll to edit. Ah well.

    That's about all the this I've done so far this week. TGIF tomorrow! Later, tater.