Sunday, October 9, 2022

Sunday Update - Week 40

Wow.  40 weeks into 2022.  Twelve weeks from 2023.  :shrug:

No writing this week.  Unless you count writing the same verbiage over and over in an endless stream of emails.  Yes, I could copy and paste, but there are sufficient spots where I have to make the emails customer specific and I type fast enough, that no time would actually be saved.  

I didn't finish reading a single book this week.  I'm pretty close to getting that Heinlein thing finished.  Maybe today.

Also, I didn't really do any baking this week.  I did make a big vat of chili yesterday.  Just right for fall weather, I think.

Yesterday, Hubs and I took a 2 mile walk.  I actually don't feel too bad, considering it was the first walk we'd taken in two weeks.  It was a lovely day and we didn't push it.  I was feeling it on the way home, though.  Oof.  Getting up that last hill to the house was a bugger.  

I also did Wallyworld yesterday.  Big fun was had at the pavilion.  (Bonus points if you know the movie that was paraphrased from.)  A while back I discovered the Wallyworld versions of several Little Debbie snacks.  Way cheaper and super yummy.  Not like we actually need Nutty Buddies, Swiss Rolls, and chocolate cupcakes, but who cares?   

Earlier in the week, I was helping move a box through the office.  I was walking backward and bashed my left wrist on a door molding, then about ten feet further on bashed my right wrist on a door knob.  I'm not even sure why there's a door in that spot.  My wrists now look like I was being held hostage.  Fun times.  

Ooo, we have a fox!  We saw him Thursday night, Friday morning, and Saturday morning.  Cool.  He's beautiful with a big fluffy tail and a lovely coat.  (Confession, I don't know if it's a male and I'm not even sure it was the same fox all three times.  Wouldn't it be great if it was a fox family?)  The only issue with having a fox in the neighborhood is it drives the dogs nuts in the middle of the night.  Eh, I'll learn to sleep through the barking.

It's so dry here.  We haven't had any rain since the beginning of September.  They've teased that we would get rain, but it never happened.  Bastards.  The stock ponds in the area are either dry or in full algae bloom.  Hubs is done watering the gardens though.  What lives lives and what doesn't wasn't meant to be anyway.  We're still filling the water pans for the critters, though.  

The bird migration should be coming.  We're already starting to see some of the little birds - warblers and such.  I'm keeping an eye out for eagles.

And that's about it for me today.  How was your Week 40?

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  1. Ouch! Sorry about the owwies. Hope the bruises heal soon. I'm stumped so no bonus points for me. Yay for foxy friends. I keep waiting for one to show up around here amid the skunks, possums, and cats. They, and coyotes, are in the neighborhood according to others. Yay for walks, cooker weather, snacks, and boo on no rain. We feel your pain.

    I wouldn't mind if the drought killed the Bermuda grass growing in my front "island" planter. It looks like straw but for a few hardy plants. Sadly, Bermuda tens to come back, even once you dig out the roots because you can never get them all. I may try again this year. We'll see.

    My Cards are done, two and out. I hassa big sad. 😢

    Little writing, quite a bit of book listening.

    Stormy won the sportsmanship medal for his team yesterday.

    Speaking of rain, it's sprinking outside. I haven't seen the forecast so not holding my breath for real rain.

    My COWGIRLS DON'T CRY showed up in one of my sale book emails--Earlybird Books. Had no clue it was going on sale, though it was marked as "New to the site". By the time I saw it, it had gone off sale. Oh well. Maybe some "strangers" picked it up.

    Not much else going on. Glad the cool weather is hear. I'll actually start cooking again. On the menu this week is Swedish Meatballs, shepherd's pie, and probably either spaghetti or chili. And then whatever. LOL

    That's pretty much it in my world. I'd like to go back to bed but once I'm up, I'm up. Until naptime. 😉

    Have a good week! Later, tater.