Thursday, October 6, 2022

Thursday This n That

I could've sworn today was Friday.  Bummer.

Long ago, I was a serious Negative Nelly.  And an unpleasant person to be around.  I wasn't happy unless I could find something to bitch about.  One day, way back in college, a co-worker and semi-friend gave me a wake up call.  He told me I'd never get anywhere if I didn't change my attitude.  With way more words and in his pervasive jokester way.  I looked at myself and my life, where I was and where I wanted to be, and l changed my attitude.  Oh, I still get cases of the negatives from time to time... who doesn't?  But I am a way happier person.  Now, there's a negative person in the building where I work.  Not a co-worker, but I see her from time to time and it seems like she's always bitching about something.  I see a bit of my old self in her and I don't like it.  I'm using it, though, to make sure I stay on a more positive track.  

Toxic people... Ugh.  They aren't who the mainstream want you to believe they are.  

Anyway, let's be happy.  Let's be positive.  Spread that shit everywhere.  I think the next time I encounter the negative, I'm going to positive all over it.  Say 'isn't it a BEE YOU TEE FULL day?'.  Or something.  I have to work on my delivery.  

Hubs is driving me to work today so he can take my car in to get the new squeaky brakes replaced by newer not-squeaky brakes.  Warranty work.  Yay.  And thus will end the brakes saga that's been going on for-EVER.  (Okay, so mainly just a lot of this year.  It just feels like forever.  First, the old brakes squealed because they were going bad.  Then the new brakes squeaked because they weren't adjusted right, supposedly.  Now, they just squeak because they were manufactured with a flaw.  Derp.)   Anyway, three cheers for Hubs!  And fingers crossed the mechanics get it right this time.

I don't have to pack a lunch today because the office is buying lunch.  Yay.  I guess it's a kind of thank you for the good job we're doing.  

It's finally cool enough for me to wear all the old work clothes that have been hanging in my closet for ages.  Yesterday, I pulled out a sport jacket (blazer?) that I didn't even remember owning.  Once I brushed the dust off the shoulders, it was quite nice.  Just your basic black blazer.   I also have one in dark blue with burgundy accents.  And a gray one.  And a black one with light nubbies.  And a tan and black one that's done in a very tiny plaid.  Dude, I was all about the blazers 20 years ago.  Thank goodness they're back in fashion.  I'd wear them even if they weren't, though.  They're my style.  But the 20-yr-old in the office assures me they're very cute, so I'm hip.  Or 'gooch', as the kids these days are saying.

Okay, it's 7 o'clock here, which means I should probably get moving in a workerly direction.  Have a great day.  And remember to stay positive!


  1. Running a little late today. Stormy's daily visits complicate normal morning routine. That I didn't wake up until 6:30. Well, I awoke at 5 but dozed back off. Anyway...

    Fall is finally in the air. I'm switching bedding today. Summer stuff to the wash, winter stuff to the bed. Stormy helped me "turn" the mattress. I remember when we just used to flip them over. With all the pillow top/memory foam stuff these days, you have to "turn" them so that the head is now the foot. This keeps the space-age material from compacting. Allegedly. Anyway, he helped keep the bedskirt in place while I hefted the mattress. MUCH easier with his assistance.

    Not much else going on this week. I was way behind on ASSASSIN'S MOON so I worked until late--for me--Monday night to get it finished, formatted, and uploaded. It went live in time for the Tuesday post with the buy links. Shoot! I just remembered. I need to add it to my website homepage. Gah. Okay, that's next.

    I'm not going to hustle to get UNDER THE ASSASSIN'S MOON done and published. Sales haven't been stellar and there's stuff going on so it'll go up sometime next week.

    I wanted to make the cinnamon rolls again but Wallyworld was out of the Grands Cinnamon Rolls. Gah! Also, I grabbed two boxes of butter because there's allegedly going to be a shortage over the holidays. But hey! We're in good shape--low inflation, low gas prices, no supply chain problems. Where's the sarcasm font when I need it?

    Sadly, I'm not really a Debby Downer. I do look o the bright side and I find happiness in small and silly places. Which probably keeps me sane because the rest of the world?

    Moving on. Pete's doppleganger cat has been around a couple of times. Long Tom Silver aka Hissy Cat also appears. He is a rude greedy-gut so I hold back some of the gushy food to put out later for Shylock. Shy is always there for food in the mornings and hangs all day.

    60s in Saturday! I am so ready for sweatshirts-and-boots weather. I also love no high electrical payments because no AC!

    Life is mostly boring. I got all sad yesterday as the regular MLB season came to an end. I'm really hoping the Cards go out on a high note! They play tomorrow at 1 p.m.

    Okay, time to check laundry. And get more coffee. And do some other stuff. Sorry I didn't get 'round to this until you'd already left for work. You'll see it when you get home. Yay for Hubs. Yay for free lunch. Boo on toxic people. They need to ESAD. And that's my positive spin on it. LOLOL Later, tater.

  2. Yay for blazers coming back 'in'! I love blazers, and have a fair few vintage jackets in my closet.

    There is a 5' rattlesnake sunning himself on my lawn. I got close enough (20' ?) to see a bunch of rattles, but not close enough to count them. He didn't even bother to raise his head or wiggle his tail. He's a fat critter, too, and I hope he's eating lots of mice and grasshoppers. (Do rattlesnakes eat grasshoppers? I need to look that up.)

    One or both of my aunts are flying in from the West Coast today. My uncle fell and is a bit bruised, so one aunt is waffling about coming.

    My bruised knee is healing up nicely. Still a bit sore, but I'm hobbling around pretty well.

    Wishing you a great weekend!