Thursday, November 10, 2022

Thursday This n That

I just realized it's Thursday.  Blerg.  

I got an attaboy from the boss for thinking outside the box.  Unfortunately, my thinking didn't apply to the situation. But go me yay.

Ages ago, in another life, my boss set me to the task of finding out why our shipping bills were so high.  I researched all the shipping and discovered the sales department was overnighting damn near everything.  Flyers, postcards, marketing materials of every sort.  Stuff that would get where it was going next day using plain ol' UPS ground.  And stuff that didn't even need to be there next day.  It was just easier and they weren't the ones who had to think about the costs.  But the VP of Operations was thinking about it and since I was his admin asst I was thinking about it.  I saved the company hundreds of dollars a month.  That's a 'Go, me. Yay!"

If you ever you wonder why CEOs and VPs make the big bucks, remember they have to think about everything to make certain a company thrives and all the employees get to keep their jobs.  Just sayin'.

Since the time has changed, I now get to drive home after sunset on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I discovered that in the dark, I can't see the end of our driveway to turn in.  Hubs is putting a solar powered light out there this morning. LOL   Oh, and Tuesday night, I saw a bat.  Cool.

FedEx sucks. Jus' sayin'.

And that's all I've got today because I dinked around too much and now I have to get ready for work.  But hey, I made an effort and got it on the right day, so that's gotta count for something.  Have a good one, everybody!


  1. Big E for Effort! Bats are cool, yay for solar lights, and attaboys and saving that former company money. Ditto on FedEx.

    I'm slowly adjusting to what should be NORMAL time. I 💖 CST (Central STANDARD Time). Boo on DST (no matter WHAT time zone it is!)

    Have the windows open at the moment but we're due a cold front (plus two more over the coming week) so it'll be heater time tonight, after almost a month of above-average temps. We even have a chance for a dusting of snow like on Monday. The climate changes, people. That's what Nature does.

    I need to "build" the new outdoor cat house. I have a box with a cat bed in it on the porch bench but it's barely a wind break. I draped the bench in knit sheets to provide more wind breaks and some "caves" to help retain heat. LG gets "mailed" meds that have to be refrigerated and they come wrapped in insulation. I have a bigger, sturdy box and I'm going to hot glue the insulation around the box, make a small entry, and then cover the whole thing in plastic. Hopefully, the ferals will use it. We'll see.

    I hate politics. It's bummed my whole week. Gotta get back on track today. I've pretty much been a zombie since Monday.

    My ring camera picked up the hoots of an owl the other night. It was a little creepy. LOL

    Not much other than this going on that's worth mentioning. TGIF tomorrow! Later, tater.

  2. Go, B.E.! Yay! This idea may not have been perfect, but thinking outside the box will help the company eventually. I bet your old boss loved your thought processes.

    I hate FedEx. They can never find my house. Not even after 20 years of living here!

    I eBay'd a 1840-1 full-year bound magazine, and it arrived today. It has at least 3, maybe 4 fashion plates. Yay! Sadly, it's in 5pt print, and I haven't found the fashion descriptions yet. Oh, well, eventually. At the moment it's in the back room with a Renuzit because it's pretty mildewed. I won't be working on 1840s for a couple of years, so it has plenty of time to sweeten up.

    I know, I need to join eBay Anonymous. Sigh.

    Wishing you a great three-day weekend!