Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Tuesday Yatters

It's Tuesday.  I only say that because sometimes I need a reminder of what day it is.  Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday.

The bird on my calendar today is the Northern Saw-whet Owl.  So cute.

My mouse is dying.  Right now, I'm at the point where it's still more of a pain in the ass to change the mouse than the mouse is itself.  When the scales tip*, I'll chuck this one for the new one I have in the storage closet.  Always have a backup mouse.  Trust me on that one.  Lucky for me, my new computer came with a new mouse and a new keyboard.  Yay.

I haven't been writing.  Well, today's the day to kick myself in the ass again.  September Get Off Your Ass and Write?  Silver came up with something, but I don't remember what it was and I'm too lazy to go search her blog.  SeeMeWriMo, maybe?  See Me Write More? Maybe she'll drop by later and tell me.

Also, I need to edit Cinder Ugly.  I did start that on Saturday.  But I didn't note it anywhere but in my activity log.

Ah, the activity log.  It's actually called the 2020 Weight Activity Log.  I started it at the beginning of the year to keep track of my weight and exercise.  And then I added columns for writing and editing, so everything I do is all in one place.  Now it's easy to scroll up and down and see where I'm at.  Kicks me in the ass to actually do stuff, because days with nothing on them are just sad.

Speaking of spreadsheets, sales have been so sucky that I haven't even worked on the September stuff for those.  =o\

What to do for dinner... chicken or fish...  We had hotdogs last night and fish the night before.  Chicken, it is.

I'm really craving a big fat juicy cheeseburger, but I only have enough for one more burger meal before the next Wallyworld trip, which'll be next week.  Burgers now or burgers later?  Oh, the quandaries.

The wind blew so hard here the other day that it took a sheet of roofing stuff (white stuff, says Lowes... not sure what it's called) off the neighbor's new build and hung it from a tree.  There's probably 20-30 feet of it hanging up there.  It's quite a sight.

Okay, I've yattered at you enough for now.  What's up in your worlds?  Yatter away.

*Just after I posted this, the scales tipped and I got out the new mouse.  It's smaller and louder with the clicking and scrolling, but it'll do.

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  1. SeeUsWriMo. See Us Write Month, but I'll go for More because more is always better. SeeMeWriMo also works. Just so we both write! 😜 And sorry for the mouse. It's always a pain to get used to a new one.

    It is, indeed, Tuesday and it's pizza tonight. I'm thinking five-meat deep dish because the while it's humid, the temps are in the 80s and we've been doing the thin crust chicken all summer. Tomorrow night will be chicken parmesan and spaghetti.

    MASSIVE storms last night. Flash flooding, 2600 lightning strikes, a little hail, a little wind but RAIN! We've gotten over 5 inches in the last 12 hours. OKCFD water rescue team is searching for a victim who drove across a low water bridge/dam that ALWAYS floods and the water volume and speed coming across is enough to move a car with on two inches spilling over. Its in a neighborhood and all the neighbors are aware. (We used to live there.) Some poor idiot in a Caddy decided s/he could make it. 🙄

    It's almost 8 a.m. and it's still dark. Thick cloud cover. More rain. But the long-range forecast mentons highs in low 70s next week! 👍🏼

    Time to get on with the rest of my day. That darn book isn't going to write itself. New month, new words! 🥰