Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Getting Back on Track

I totally meant to post yesterday, really I did.  But I still needed to finish that spreadsheet thingy, so I jumped on it as soon as the coffee kicked in and everything else got shoved to the side - blogging, writing, editing, walking...  (Not bitching here.  It needed to be done, so I did it.  Just explaining.)

Well, the thingy is done.  Yay!  Which means I should be able to get back on track today.  I even got some editing done last night.  Woohoo.

You may have noticed I took down the counter thing for SeeMeWriMo.  It was depressing me because I haven't done as well this month as I did last month.  And the thought of inputting all those zeroes...  Well, it's gone.  I'll keep you updated through my Sunday Update posts. 

Right now, this round of edits for Cinder Ugly - wherein I read the book on my Kindle and make notes - is at 37%.  The mystery story is sitting at 7862 words.  I hope to get both of those numbers up this week. 

But first, today is shopping day.  That'll eat up a couple hours and by the time I get home and get the stuff put away, all I'll want to do is nap.

And I still have to shake off the need to open the spreadsheets and pour over them.  Sometimes when I focus on something had enough and long enough, I can't shake the feeling I need to work on it even when it's done.  (Sort of like writing/editing/publishing my books.)

I know, excuses, excuses.  It's all part of keeping my expectations low so I don't disappoint myself.  No pressure here in the SeMeWriMo.  (Even if you aren't seeing me write much.)

Anyway, that's where I'm at. 

How are you doing so far this month?


  1. My SeeMeWriMo numbers are...pitiful. But I have the excuse that I'm working line edits and revisions from my NY editor on RDR#9. I lot of them, I just click to accept the changes and move on but then he'll ask a question about "motivation" or the need for more "insight" and damn if I don't have to get up, walk around and cogitate, trying to remember what it was I meant to say and didn't because...word count. Or something. Anyway, I'm trying to split my time between 3T and WISH and then life rears its head and...anyway.

    The cold front hit. Turned off the AC and left 2 windows open overnight. The house went from 74 to 68. I'm loving it. I may even turn off the fan in my office. Maybe. Or not. I'm sitting here in a tank top.

    On that note, time to refill coffee, get "walked and watered" (yes, that IS a euphemism for "take a leak" which is a...well, you get the picture.

    Enjoy your cool weather. Get your stuff done and maybe get in a little fishing this week. Oh, and expect my numbers on WISH to get slashed. I'm closing in on 60K and I'd really planned on 50K. There are a LOT of short scenes hanging out there in the word count that will likely be cut and moved into my Unused Scene file for use in future NR projects.

    Okay, to work! But!!!

  2. Yay for finishing your thingy! Now you have a chance at concentrating on real work. Hmm, to get the spreadsheet out of your brain, I'd read a book. Any book! :-)

    Best of luck with shopping today. That was my errand yesterday. We found a new bargain store called Ollie's, one of those places that sells overstocks and bankrupt clearances. Not much either of us wanted, but it was interesting. And cheap.