Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thursday This n That

Well, yesterday didn't go as well as planned, but I did mention I was going to Wallyworld, so it shouldn't be surprising.  Shopping is tiring, more so when you have to breath through a mask.  Trying to brain afterwards was not happening.  Better luck today. 

I had planned to not get as much stuff as last time, and while that was a little bit true, I think I'm still stuck in hoarder mode, so I ended up with a full cart again.  At least it wasn't two carts like a couple of those months there.

The bird picture of the day is a female common merganser with two babies on her back.  That one makes me happy.

In all this, you have to work to find something that makes you happy.  It's imperative.  Personally, I need to go fishing.  Maybe today. 

Is it just me or do certain phrases always bring a song to mind?  Like 'maybe today' - it always puts the song Jumper in my head.  "Maybe today, you could put the past away."

Gah, I need to do the dishes.  I usually leave them until the morning.  It's a thing.  But this morning, I am so totally not in the mood.  Unfortunately, I am also not in the mood to look at them every time I go into the kitchen, so I'll suck it up and do them after Hubs gets out of the shower.

Damn, the shower just shut off.  Maybe after one more cup of coffee and another cigarette.  ;o)

We have a doe that has a large lump along the left side of her jaw.  Like an abscess, but it's been there about a year now.  She doesn't seem to have a problem with it.  She eats and drinks fine.  Her coat is glossy and she's a good weight.  She's raising two healthy twin fawns.  She just has this weird lumpy jaw.  So, we call her Lumpy Jaw or Lumpy for short.  Yeah, not original, but it works for identification.  Every morning, she shows up with the kids and they get first dibs on the corn before the rest of the herd shows up.  =o)

I saw a post on FB this morning about how a 7-year-old boy and his siblings had a lemonade stand and raised money for a young gal who makes teddy bears for the children of fallen police officers - Blue Line Bears.  It was a happy amongst so much bullshit. 

Find the happy, my friends.  It's out there.

What on your this n that today?  What's your happy today?


  1. Birbs! I like birbs! (and yes, spelling it that way is a Twitter/Cheezburger LOL cats thing but I get a bit of a giggle so...whatever.)

    Smudge and Smidgen are coming over a little more frequently. They run from me and freak when the flag flaps over their food dish but they're cute. Queen cat will almost let me touch her and BeeGee actually brushed against my leg and then batted at my finger when I reached out to touch him. There's hope. Maybe. I'd scoop the entire cauldron of black cats up and bring them in if I could. The dogs, Loki, and Lawyer guy might not be so thrilled.

    Turned chilly. Record lows and low highs. Yay! Though I really shouldn't complain. We only hit the actual temperature of 100 one time this summer but the humidity made all those 98/99 degree days feel like 110. Fall can come early.

    The RDR edit is kicking my arse. I gave up yesterday and just zipped through about 100 pages to do the "accept change" fixes while ignoring the writing stuffs. Will probably start today with finishing that part of it by working to the end of the book. Then, depending on if my head has exploded or not, I'll get back to fixing the writing part or hang it up for a fresh start in the morning. Definitely gonna be a working weekend.

    Not sure this counts as a "happy" but it made LG and I laugh. Story in my newsfeed: Recovered substance abuser who is now a substance abuse counselor is kayaking on Lake George (NY). He's blown out into the lake, can't get back to shore for the waves, and capsizes. He sends up a prayer...and is rescued by...*drumroll*...a FLOATING TIKI BAR full of Catholic priests! Okay, technically, they were Catholice semanarians on a retreat/break but...A FLOATING TIKI BAR! And CATHOLIC PRIESTS! I snorted fizzy water out my nose.

    So, birbs, kitzenkatz, and priests partying on a floating tiki bar in the middle of a lake. Doesn't take much to entertain me these days. Also, good friends like you give me a happy. You're right, gotta find it where we find it!

  2. Yay for fawns and Blue Line Bears! Some people are incredibly kind and caring.

    I never get much done on shopping days. People wear me out.

    ROFL at the floating Tiki bar story!

    Today is dad-sitting day. I'm looking forward to my cartoon fix.