Sunday, September 13, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 36

Not sure where the week went.  It's Sunday morning somehow or other.  Tada. 

I didn't get any new words down last week.  And I'm only up to 50% done with this edit round on CU.  And I only finished part of one book before I DNF'd it.  I really need to get my head out of my lower orifice. 

I managed 4 out of 7 days of activity.  Walking, cleaning, and the big grocery trip.  If I didn't burn calories doing that shopping I'd be super surprised.  Uff.  Weight: 177.2

In the baking arena, I made cake early in the week and granola bars yesterday.  The cake was a chocolate oil cake with vanilla frosting.  The frosting turned out way too sweet, but it works well with chocolate ice cream.  Next time, I'm doing it with peanut butter frosting.  Or maybe strawberry.

For the pay-job, I got that behemoth project completed and the boss is happy. 

On a side note, this seemed to be the week when everyone wanted to change stuff on me.  Wallyworld is moving shelves around so it's a freakin' maze of confusion in there.  Facebook keeps trying to force me to use their new interface, which totally sucks.  And Blogger is trying to get me to shift to their new interface, too, which also totally sucks.  Now is not the time to be changing shit around, folks.  Life is chaotic enough.

To remedy the chaos at least for short periods of time, I've been watching old TV shows.  I discovered Hazel on a channel called FETV (Family Entertainment Television).  I'd never seen it before, but it's nice.  I've also been watching old episodes of Perry Mason.  Love me some Perry Mason.  (Both to read and to watch.)

Hey, maybe I can count watching Perry Mason as research for my book.  ;o)

What was your last week like? 


  1. I'm in editing deadline hell. My brain explodes about once an hour. I still have about 100 pages to go through to add/subtract/explain. All the minor stuff is done so it's just rewrites but...gah!

    You caught my reading adventures yesterday.

    And that's pretty much been my week. Edits. And head explosions. Also, weight gain. Stress does it even if I don't eat/nibble between.

    Okay. Break time over. Back at it.

  2. Could I just say "ditto last week"? I can barely remember this one. No idea if I actually accomplished anything.

    My 82 year-old uncle has been in and out of the hospital, apparently because of dementia. Trouble is, he's all alone in California, and none of us can fly out there to take care of him. But he has three very kind social workers getting him set up in a retirement home, so I'm trying to let go of the worry and guilt.