Saturday, September 12, 2020

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 9/12/20

It was another lackluster week in reading for me. 

I did pick up one new ebook - a romance by an author I've enjoyed before.  I also still have an urban fantasy and a cozy mystery left to read on my Kindle.  And scads of hardcopies to read, but nothing is blowing my skirt up.

Books Read:

No books finished this week.


9/6/20 - Hell if I know what genre that was.  I picked up a popular hard-boiled crime author, one of his paperbacks I've owned for years that I hadn't gotten around to, and it was so far off anything I'd read of his before, I can't even tell what it was supposed to be.  I tried to keep reading, but bleh. 

Currently reading... I don't have anything open right now.  Right now, all my reading gumption is focused on reading my own book, looking for stuff that needs changing.  Maybe I'll pick up a non-fiction and see if that breaks the cycle.

What was your reading week like last week?

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  1. It was an okay reading week for me. Mostly. I'm currently at 143 GR challenge reads, 4 books ahead of schedule. Still doing my In Death relisten which is helping with my "ehhh" reaction to most new books, of which only one popped up this week. Yay for the library. I don't feel bad when I'm "ehh" about the book.

    143 - Creation in Death, JD Robb. 5 stars.

    142 - Warping Minds & Other Misdemeanors (The Guild Codex: Warped #1) Annette Marie, 2.5 stars. Spin off series. I'm thinking this author is losing her luster for me. I keep checking her new ones they aren't doing much for me. I've got one more on hold, from the original series. It may be the last one. Ah well.

    141 - Eternity in Death, JD Robb, 4 stars

    140 = Innocent in Death, JD Robb, 5 stars

    Currently listening to Strangers in Death and might finish today, tomorrow at the lastest. Next one up is the next in the In Death series, or whatever pops up on my library hold list.

    Hope the editing is going better. Go fishing. And here's to better luck finding a good book.