Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday This n That

Rain rain rain... Ugh.  Lusty month of May my aunt's fanny.  Drippy month of May is more like it.  Almost 6 inches already this month.  Blerg.

And according to last night's radar, we've got another round of crap headed our way today.  Oh, joy.

The other day while I was out for a walk, I saw a turtle.  Not unusual as all that, except the turtles I usually see are box turtles.  I think this one was a cooter, but I've never seen a cooter outside the water, so you got me.  I think it was laying eggs about 8 feet off the road where the neighbor's yard meets the woods.  Or it was about to lay eggs.  All I know is it was sitting over a hole filled with water.  I may have disturbed it because it was gone when I walked back.  Either I disturbed it or it wasn't laying eggs after all and decided it wanted to take a walk, too.  Or the ground is so wet here, she didn't want to lay eggs in a flooded hole.

I've been trying to walk more often, but with all this rain, it's kind of hard to get out there.  I should use the exercise bike... or as I called it the other day, the coat holder... more often.  Or at all.  Yeah, we aren't exactly exercise equipment people.  Not sure what I was thinking when I bought it.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie crumbled over vanilla ice cream with caramel drizzled over it all.  Jus' sayin'.

I kind of collect old writing books, I guess.  At this point, I only have three.  And that was after buying one at the thrift store last week.  Three makes a collection, right?

It's hard work trying to find new to me, underappreciated authors to read and write reviews about.  It's become kind of a mission.  I know good books are out there because I've found a bunch of them.  Some weeks, though, are better than others.  And if I get disheartened, I can always go back to an old favorite author and refresh myself.

That's all I've got for you today.  What have you got for me?


  1. Rain. The latest round of "light" rain just moved through, after all the heavy stuff for the past week. And we're probably going to set some record lows today/tonight.

    Speaking of weather, there's a whole series of lolcat memes about the "springmometer" and "springmostat" being broken and who broke it.

    I've got a whole list of books I want to read--some of them are even books I haven't read before. Sadly, there are also new books out/coming out in long-standing series that I really need to re-read the series bofore tackling the new books. I need more hours in a day just for reading.

    The honeysuckle is blooming. Really wish it was warm enough to open my office window so I could smell the blossoms. A favorite thing as a kid was to pick a honeysuckle, pull the stamen out and lick the tiny bead of "honey."

    Speaking of flowers, I'm still waiting on the peony bush. The buds are there, still getting bigger--sort of--but not bursting into the feathery blossoms I love. I swear my little corner of the world has it's own weather microcosm. My plants are on their own weird schedule that has nothing to do with all the other plants and yards in the neighborhood.
    I've taken a character off my book-boyfriend list. The douche can't do enough groveling to get back on it. I'm so mad, I had to quit listening to the book for over a day, and he's not even the main character. He'd already gotten his HEA and he so totally screwed the pooch that...gah! Anyway...

    I found an easy tiramisu recipe that involves coffee. Now all I have to do is find a source of ladyfingers. I wonder if I could use Twinkies....

    And...that's pretty much it for me. I've been buried under extraneous stuffs that I hope to put away today so I can write. We'll see. Gloomy skies make me want to go back to bed to nap all day. Happy Thursday.

  2. Three is officially a collection!

    We had two inches of rain yesterday. My yard looks like a swamp. It's sad when it's too wet for turtles.

    Today is dad-sitting day. Extra reading time. :-)