Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday This n That

Life with an old cat means celebrating when she poops*. 

I'll be 49 on Saturday.  Who woulda thunk I'd make it to 49?  I sure as hell didn't when I was younger.  Hell, I didn't think I'd make 30.  So, woohoo.  No prezzies this year.  I'm going to try something different as a birfday dessert - brownies with peanut butter and chocolate frosting.

I just finished a total genre-bending book.  A Western set on another planet with demon hunters.  I think before I read it, I was calling it a SF with a F twist, but it really read more like a Western than anything else, so I'm running with that as the main genre.  Good stuff with a less than satisfying end. 

Lately, I've been playing this online word game.  It's totally addictive.  I've made it as far as level 31.  I could probably go farther, but it resets every time I shut it down, so I have to start over from the beginning.  :shrug:

Yesterday, I was talking with a gal from the next neighborhood over and she told me she'd killed a packrat.  Here's hoping it was our packrat.  Probably wasn't.  Still, ours hasn't returned since I put the peppermint oil down.  :fingers crossed:

Speaking of local goings-on, some numbnuts broke into my favorite convenience store.  Backed his pickup truck up and pulled the front doors right the hell off so he could steal the ATM machine.  They finally caught him, but sheesh.  Some people.  They have new doors, but the building was damaged in such a way, they could probably easy be pulled off, too.  I hope they string the guy up by his thumbs.

Did you see the news story about the old guy who told a woman on a bus that she ought to try to be nicer and so she pushed him off the bus?  He died and she's charged with murder of an elderly person.  Maybe she should've taken his advice.  I'm thinking there's a lot of people who should take his advice, eh?

And on that note, I'm out of here.  Have a great day, folks, and try to avoid them what can't be nice. 

*Which she does almost every day.  It's the days she doesn't that worry us.  And then I break out the vegetable oil (a tablespoon worth in her wet food) and stand by the litterbox rooting for her.  But she turned 16 last week, so it's kind of expected.  I don't even want to think about what I'll be like when I'm 80.


  1. Happy upcoming birthday!

    I remember being 16 and trying to figure out how old I'd be in the year 2000. I couldn't seem to do the math -- I'd NEVER get THAT old! Nowadays, 44 seems young.

    Hugs on living with an old cat. Churchill is getting up there, too.

    People are crazy. The news makes me glad I'm mostly a hermit!

  2. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday!

    Did you hear about the 70-year-old guy from Oklahoma who got pulled over in Arizon for speeding and the cops found his dead wife stuffed upside down in the passenger seat? Yeah, we got 'em too.

    Having a chest cold sucks. I hate the wheezing noise when I breath when trying to sleep.

    We have baby possums. Boone and Cooper like to catch baby possums. I'd almost trade for your packrat.

    New feral kitty showed up last night. Black and white splotches with white ears. Too skinny but friendly. Came right up for pets, unlike all the rest. We'll see if s/he sticks around.

    I was in bed all day yesterday, hence my reason for doing Thursday This-n-That today.