Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday This n That

If you're seeing reports of tornado damage in Missouri, it's not us.  We'll have to wait until the sun comes up to find out exactly how bad it is in Jefferson City, Golden City, etc.  I read one report that was saying Jeff City last night was similar to 2011 Joplin.  :shudder:  I didn't even hear wind here, so my guess is that the line of storms missed us entirely again.  :knocks on wood:

Enough with the storms already.  It's getting like the boy who cried wolf for me.  The weather people keep freaking out about storms headed our way and we prepare and the storm misses us.  Feels like every damn day.  Last night, we knew the storms were headed this way, but prep?  Meh.  We went to bed.  I hope none of the people up north had the same idea because the Jeff City tornado went through about 11:30 pm.

Day Three of the OUAD sale.  My ad should be going out later.  And the good news is I've already sold 4 complete sets (3 US and 1 UK) from my FB blasts, so better rankings are in place which should help the ad. 

I feel like making coconut bread today.  Don't know why.  Maybe because we're down to one piece of birthiversary cake and these days I get jumpy when the baked goods are low.  There's probably some kind of psychological thing going on there.  :shrug: 

And there's my life in a nutshell... storms, book sales, and baking.  I'd go fishing, but with all the storms we've had, the lake is probably an unholy mess with all sorts of crap floating around.  And the lake level is rising, making my go-to spots harder to fish from. 

Speaking of fishing, we get a lot of tournaments on the lake, and usually it's not a big deal, but Hubs was reading the local angler forum a couple days ago and it seems like some of the 'professional fishermen' are being assholes out there.  Harassing locals for being 'in their spots' and blowing by people in their big ass boats at 'too damned fast' - which then make big wakes which upsets boats, erodes the shorelines, and stuff.  And people wonder why I get all 'I hate tourists'.  If you're going someplace and disturbing the locals who are just trying to live their lives, is it any wonder those locals hate you? 

Okay, that's about enough out of me today.  What's out there in your world?


  1. I'll double check the map next time. I "know" where you are but in glancing at the map and, in my defense, no coffee, blurry eyes sort of freaked. So glad you're out of it but for rising water. And yay for sales. I think a friend of mine bought one of those US sets. :)

    My week/yesterday is/was in the dumper. Life sucks hard sometimes but when it hurts too? Yeah...

    I gotta get this book done but the hero (name AND personality) are based on the dog that just passed. Gotta get around it somehow.

    The crud is finally retreating but it's still slow going. I'm down to meds only at bedtime and I can walk from the bedroom to the kitchen to get coffee and then to my office without getting winded. This is a good thing.

    @$$holes are @$$holes no matter where they are. I think the local game wardens need to patrol a little more. Just sayin'...

    We have chances of rain and storms for the next 9 days. Fun times. Not. So far, we've dodged the bullet but for flooding. WE're okay, but surrounding communities are hard hit. And the farmers were THISSSS close to winter wheat harvest. Losses will be in the millions if not billions. :/

    Damn. I'm just full of sunshine today. Where's that sarcasm font when I need it?

    Okay, I'll end on a high note. I got my copies of THE COWGIRL'S LITTLE SECRET for it's Korean release. That's pretty cool. The foreign edition covers are soooo different from the US version.

    Here's to better things ahead for all of us!

  2. I'm glad you're safe! But those poor people!!!

    Boo to all those rude people.

    Today was dad-sitting day. My brain is fried from watching cartoons half the afternoon, and reading fluff for the rest. I think I'll go tackle Lord of the Rings. :-)